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Welcome to the NEW retreathair by Natalie Varrasso

Welcome to the refreshed and rejuvenated retreathair by Natalie Varrasso. I'm thrilled to announce the official opening of this new and forward-focused salon experience.

At Retreat Hair, being a guest means gifting yourself with a moment of relaxation and receiving undivided attention focused on understanding what your style means to you. It's about aligning your hairstyle with you and exposing that inner confidence. Welcome into a salon space, characterised by a calm, raw, and authentic ambiance, where you can feel completely at ease.

What does the new Retreat Hair by Natalie Varrasso represent? It's all about embracing the natural and amplifying it in the best possible way while staying true to who you are in your daily life. Its about creating beautiful shapes and designs and enhancing what is uniquely your own style.

The specialty services at retreathair encompass three key areas. Firstly, expert consultations are designed to delve into your unique needs and desires, ensuring that every aspect of your hair journey is personalised to you. Secondly, A unique freehand cutting technique allows for precise and tailored cuts that complement your individual style. Lastly, specialising in GHT grey hair transitions and working with natural hair colours to achieve advanced, forward-focused colour blending techniques. This approach aims to harmonise with your natural tones while minimising the need for frequent colour touch-ups.

Within the salon, you'll find only the best in performance hair care and safe products for your hair, scalp and skin. A carefully curated product selection with your health and well-being in mind, ensures that every aspect of your styling and beauty routine is approached with care and consideration.

At retreathair by Natalie Varrasso it is nothing but real and honest hairdressing passionately delivered to help you love your hair and how you feel about yourself.

If you'd like to bring the Retreat Hair experience into your own home, you can purchase the book "LOVE YOUR HAIR" by Natalie Varrasso and begin your new hairstyle journey today. Embracing and loving your hair is a wonderful feeling of confidence that every woman deserves to experience.

I look forward to welcoming you into the salon, and for those of you outside of Melbourne, I eagerly await our online hair consultation sessions. Welcome to a true retreat hair experience,

accessible to all.

By Natalie Varrasso


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