Booking in for the first time?

A 30min Salon Visit with me to discuss your style is advised prior to an appointment if you have not been to see me ever before.

You can expect an accurate quote at the end of this visit. This visit with me is free of charge.


Hair Cutting 

I really like to take the time to get to know every guest that comes into my Salon before I continue with a personalised crafted style. I have a unique approach of Styling technique which allows me to cut hair in its natural texture which ensures every cut falls and sits at its most beautiful, leaving you with manageable easy to style hair everyday.

I specialise in curly hair styling 

Understanding natural curly hair is a talent I first grasped when I entered into hairdressing. I feel great pleasure in helping the many of you out there find your curls that can only flourish with the right cut which then allows your hair to move into that beautiful natural ’S’ shape. I approach the styling and shaping of curly hair with free hand cutting.


A colour is designed only after an understanding of what you are looking for in your personal presentation, style and colour maintenance.


I can also help you transition your style and colour to hide or integrate gray hair.

Retreathair Treatments

Eye Lash Tinting

Eye Brow Tinting

Colour locking hair treatment

Moisture Surge hair treatment

Repair & Strengthen hair treatment

Olaplex hair Treatment

Goldwell Keratin Hair Treatments lasts 4-6 months


Extra services:

Blow Dry’s

Styling with Curls

Soft natural Hair Up Styles

Blue Eye on Grey Background

Eyelash Tinting

Eye lash specific tint with the option of black or blue/black.
Expect to get 4 to 6 weeks from your eye lash tinting depending on what stage your lashes are at in their growth cycle.Benefits of eye lash tinting are:

  • Darker lashes give a look of a bigger eye

  • Wash and wear ready

  • Adding mascara over tinted eye lashes adds to a thinker and longer lash look.

  • Great before heading off on a summer holiday! Trust me, there is no better

  • feeling than swimming in the pool or sea and not having to worry about mascara running down you cheeks.

Smiling Blonde

Repair & Strengthen hair treatment

This treatment is ideal for anyone who has been lightening their hair for a length of time.
With a kick of Keratin it aids to help improve your hairs elasticity.
Processing time of 15 to 20 mins

Copper Blonde Hair Sample

Colour Locking Treatment

A signature Goldwell instant treatment that aids in prolonging your colour vibrancy/ shine and life for up to 22 washes.

This is an ideal Treatmant for anyone trying to extend the life of a Toner, if you have ever had the need for a toner to counteract brassiness in your blonde then this is a Treatment you must try.

Helps instantly lock in color & boost color brilliance.

Silky Long Hair

Moisture Surge Treatment

This is an all year round perfect treatment to indulge your hair with.
If you are a savvy hair fashion conscious kind of girl that knows her way around a hairdryer & curling wand, a busy women that is in and around air
conditioners through out the day or maybe a highly active person with no time to stop!  
NO matter what you do we all need more Hydration.

There are a few options to this treatment :


  • An instant leave in moisture surge treatment, suited to all hair types

  •  A silky creamy Moisture surge hair treatment, Suited to normal to thick hair type with a processing time of 5-10mins

  • A silky creamy moisture surge for medium to thick hair with a processing time of 15- 20mins

Long Lashes

Eyebrow Tinting

Eye Brow specific tint with the colour options of Light Brown, Natural Brown or Dark Brown.
Expect to get 4 to 6 week from your eye Brow tinting depending on what stage your brows are at in their growth cycle.
Benefits of eye brow tinting are :


  • Enhancing the definition of your brows with a matched or deeper colour tint

  • Wash and wear ready

  •  Very popular for covering the odd grey hair amongst the crowd

  •  Great before heading off on that summer holiday or spa retreat that you plan not

  • to worry about wearing make-up for.

Curly Blonde

Olaplex hair Treatment

‘Olaplex’  hair Treatment has changed hairdressing as we know it and has  become a saving grace to damaged and over processed hair BUT! did you know that Olaplex has even more  good hair benefits?

  • A bond building treatment that does exactly that.

  • Repairs hair that is still saveable

  • Allows you to go to a level of lightness that you may not have been able to

  • achieve before without hair breakage

  • Reduces frizz in unruly hair

  • Has an incredible effect on naturally curly hair to help those curls spring and shape like never before.

  • Curly hair maintenance and styling: Olaplex can be used as a treatment it is or as a leave in re fresh for getting another day or 5 out of your curls.

  • Sulphate free and vegan friendly

Please note: To brides and bridesmaids, I do not do wedding hair styling

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