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Booking in for the first time?

Before booking any hair service, let's meet for a thorough hair consultation at the salon to discuss your hair goals.

During this session, I'll understand your hair needs, offer professional suggestions, and provide you with a quote for the service.

I invite you to take a look at the consultation menu and choose the option that aligns best with you.

Style Direction

What is your new style direction?


This service is one of the most popular, and for good reason.

Discovering your new style takes a conversation and professional guidance.


There is more than one best hairstyle for you, via a 60min hair consultation, that is exactly what we will discover.

We will unravel the confusion you feel around what suits you best.


A style direction consultation is very personalised, motivating and inspiring. I will remove all anxiety around your overwhelmed mind and show you all the options and direction you can approach.


With this knowledge, you can confidently walk into a salon knowing what look you are aiming for, and how to manage your hair when styling at home.

Colour Blending

Unlike traditional hair colouring techniques, this service focuses on harmonising with your natural hair tone patterns.


Whether you choose a lighter or darker colour for your desired style, the process is approached in sync with your tonal pattern. As a result, you can enjoy longer intervals between salon maintenance visits, typically between 12-15 weeks on average.


Your hair also benefits from enhanced health with this technique, and the end result is a beautifully aligned colour that effortlessly complements your skin tone. Your unique colour will always be fabulous because it's uniquely yours.

Starting from your hair consultation, I gather all the information needed to guide you toward your most suitable colours.

Grey Hair Transition Colour

The unique 3-step transition colour service, gently and discreetly introduces white and grey hairs into your existing hair colour. This process breaks through the old regrowth band, avoiding the confidence-shattering long grow-out.

While transitioning to grey hair can be an emotional process, it marks the beginning of an empowering style direction.

With this 3-step transition, you can expect beautifully blended regrowth, putting an end to colour maintenance as you confidently move towards colour-free hair. 

The journey starts with a consultation, ensuring you're equipped with all the information about this life-changing service. Please refer to the consultation menu for more details.


All haircuts are performed using dry haircutting techniques, enabling me to tailor the hairstyle to your hair's natural texture for a beautiful and well aligned shape that is very manageable for you.


Using this approach allows you to enjoy your hairstyle for a period of 10-15 weeks.


Haircut appointments are typically scheduled for 45-60 minutes, concentrating solely on achieving a well balanced haircut shape.


Should you require additional services such as a full curly hair diffuser drying or a detailed styled blow dry, I would suggest scheduling a slightly longer appointment to accommodate the additional time needed.

A sustainable salon

Retreat Hair works with Sustainable Salons Australia to help reduce waste and keep it out of our landfill.

Through Sustainable Salons, 95% of everything that happens during your salon service,

will be recycled at Retreat Hair Salon.


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