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Washed and air-dried, salon ready hair.

Curly hair, wavy hair, frizzy hair, straight with a random kink-in-it hair. You name it, we all have a texture to one degree or another.

If you are like me you will also agree with the saying ‘Wet hair lies, but Dry hair tells the Truth’.

With the plethora of textured hair walking around out there, it has always baffled me why, so often, hair is cut from wet?

Ok ok, don’t judge me too quick 🖐 lol; I do know that there are hairstyles that are best cut with the hair wet or damp, I also would chose to perform certain haircuts on wet or damp hair. But these hairstyles are requested less and less, and i’ll tell you why.

People are looking for longevity from their haircuts, liking the idea that a hairstyle can hold its shape and look good for longer than 4-6 weeks at a time. This is now possible with the direction fashion has taken over the past 15 years.

Softer more lived-in hairstyling is the popular look for women of all ages. The best thing about hairstyles that are styled this way, is that you will find there is more versatility with the ways you can chose to style your hair, what I mean by this is…if you are feeling in the mood for smooth and straight hair one day and soft and wavy the next, it is possible to switch it up if a haircut has been designed around the natural texture. Compared to a haircut that is very precise and structured in its design (stunning and classic of course), needing to be styled each day, into the shape it was cut into.

Since we wear our hair dry more than we wear it wet, it only makes sense that a haircut is designed around the natural texture of which it will return to. Boom💥

I personally ask guests to arrive to the salon with their hair already washed and allowed to air-dry, so I am able to see it in its raw and natural form, rather than having me dry the hair and disrupt the natural movement it will inevitably fall back into.

The importance of arriving to the salon with washed hair that has been allowed to air-dry, doesn’t stop at just seeing the hair in its natural form, it also allows me to really assess the hair, scalp and current cleansing technique. Another Boom💥 YES!

It is a sad truth that many people don't know how to correctly wash their hair, I am able to guide my guests towards the correct cleaning products for their hair and scalp and if need be, also point out the areas of their head that are sadly being missed in the wash.

When I can accurately pinpoint the areas that guidance is needed, it can totally change the way the hair performs. More impressive than that, is the longevity of the clean feeling, due to the hair and scalp remaining fresher for longer, even up to 4 more days, all thanks to hair being cleansed correctly.

The ultimate message is this.. A hair consultation is worth its weight in gold, providing a platform to allow the right advise for your hair, how it is cut and styled, through to how you will manage and dress your hair each day, for the best results achievable.

If you have never learnt the correct techniques for washing your hair, I invite you to watch my cleansing video so you can get even better performance from you hair.

Available to everyone🙏, because everyone can benefit from knowing how to wash their hair correctly.

By Natalie Varrasso


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