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To Grey Hair Transition or Not?

Welcome to 2024!

It's an exciting time to be a stylist specialising in freehand cutting and colour transition blending. This involves working with the natural movement, texture, and flow of the hair, coupled with a keen eye for colouring that mimics the natural hair tones of white, silvers, and natural colours. My technique breaks through the old practice of blanket hair dyeing, leaving women with an obvious regrowth line just 2 to 4 weeks after a salon colour service.

A New Year, A New Trend

This year has kicked off with an influx of women seeking my help for a style that aligns with their identity while offering realistic colour maintenance that fits into their lifestyle. Since the Covid pandemic, women globally have been exploring and embracing their natural colours and tones. While 2023 saw a surge in women seeking specialised salon colour transition services, this year introduces a new trend—one that I've been sharing with my clientele for over 15 years.

The Essence of Color Blending

In essence, it's colour blending, but the term "colour blending" or "colour transition" can manifest in various ways. The direction is determined by how it best aligns with my guest's hair goals, aiming for daily confidence in their style.

Working in Harmony with Nature

What most women seek is a colour that won't show regrowth in 2-4 weeks. Many aren't looking to fully transition to their natural colour but desire a blended, soft regrowth. So, what are the options? "Working in sync with the natural colour tones that grow." This precise and detailed colour placement reveals incredibly beautiful, personalised, and unique results.

A Technique for Everyone

I firmly believe this technique suits everyone, aligning perfectly with their complexion, hair texture, and emerging white hairs. More excitingly, it requires maintenance as infrequent as once or twice a year. The hair's response is even more thrilling—when not pushed against its natural pigments and harmonised with the natural pigment, hair health thrives. Colouring this way improves Scalp health and as a result the hair responds with more volume, improved elasticity, and significantly reduced frizz.

Your Journey, Your Choice

So, when you're ready to move away from colour maintenance and work with what's natural, you can choose the path to 100% natural hair colour with a Grey hair colour transition service. Alternatively, achieve stunning results by working in harmony with your colour patterns—embracing what's natural and allowing you to feel more polished while still staying true to yourself.

Where to Start

If you're eager to explore a new colour direction that perfectly aligns with your desired style maintenance, I encourage you to explore my consultation menu on my website. Embark on the journey of 2024 with a fresh perspective, gaining valuable insights into how you can elevate your style and enhance your colour direction.

By Natalie Varrasso


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