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Three steps to find your Golden Ratio

You may have heard of the 'Golden Ratio' being used when it comes to re-balancing the face in cosmetic surgery. It is a measurement (also known as Phi) that is used to correctly determine spacing between forehead, eyebrows, eyes, nose, check bones, top and bottom lips, and chin.

However it can be used in a non-surgical approach as well. Make-up artists use this ratio when applying colour to the face to visually correct or enhance features and make them aesthetically more pleasing to the eye.

And it is also done in hairdressing! As a stylist, I visually study the face of my guests and, through our consultation, I establish what features can be enhanced or contoured away. The extra exciting thing about hairdressing and how it can improve a person's profile and appearance, is that we also can change hair colour and therefore, balance out skin tone. It is just a beautiful way to compliment what a well-designed hair shape can achieve.

Over the years, I have been intently studying what it is that makes a hairstyle on someone win or flop. Although there are many other elements to this debate, I am convinced that 80% of a winning look is simply a hairstyle that balances and frames the face well.

To see for yourself, try this at home in three easy steps:

1. Standing in front of the mirror, part your hair all to one side.

2. With the side to which you have dragged the hair over, slightly cover the corner of the eye with your hair so that you are fully exposing the other side of your face.

3. Then, do this on the other side, in exactly the same way.

What you should notice is that one side of your face looks fresher and more awake, and the other side of your face appears more tired and sleepy.

I recommend using this tool to your advantage as an on-duty or off-duty look. For example, if you are going to be front and centre at work that day (whatever that is for you) and you need to feel confident and send out ‘I'm leading this band today’ energy, I would suggest wearing your hair on the side that is fresher and uplifted (the on-duty look).

If you are drinking coffee with friends, having a family day, or inviting the grandkids or nieces and nephews over, choose your softer, off-duty look (that is, the opposite side to the paragraph above). Doing this to your hair is a very simple way to change the frame and appearance of a face, ultimately setting the tone for how you feel that day.

I use this tool in my consultations in the salon when explaining how I would suggest a new style and were I would like to compress weight in the hair or expose it. This is how I cut the shape, and design it around each guest.

If you had as much fun with this guide as I did, share your thoughts via email or my social media platforms! I am also happy to take any questions about your own personal style because finding a suitable look, shape and colour is such a rewarding experience...

Take care,

Nat xx

*Images not owned by author


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