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The Future of Hairstyling

We have arrived, in all its glory, and this is what hairstyling now in 2023 and moving forward looks like…

You have likely already experienced or seen it, but maybe not known what you were actually looking at?

Well, let me point out the future of hairstyling and where we are going from here.

Two words –

  • sustainability

  • longevity

You may have noticed already the amount of products that are now available that tick the box for environmentally friendly and more organic for your personal use.

Hairdressing salons, (and quite possibly maybe even the salon that you go to), have joined the movement of becoming sustainable salons, as we learn more about what we can do to protect our environment and reuse, recycle and re-purpose so much more than we ever could before.

People are making smarter choices and choosing salons and products that align with their values as we move towards a better understanding of how we live and what feels right.

When it comes to the direction of our hair and our style, the future of Hairdressing is a lot more personalised than it ever was before. From the consultation and how a hairstyle can work for your natural texture or your natural colour, it is possible to design colours and cuts that merge, what is natural and create something new.

What is so exciting about right now, is that we have crossed that line, and we are now, more than ever starting to embrace our bodies, our age, and how we can express ourselves by aligning our hair and how we wear our hair with what feels right for who we are.

Rather than fighting against what isn't natural and boxing ourselves into an image that was dictated to us, we are now moving in our own style direction.

With a greater focus on a personalised approach towards creating a hairstyle, comes the need for an intentional and skilled hair consultation, one that really shows the difference between just doing hair and creating a hairstyle that works for that individual.

There is a need and desire building from women around the world, wanting a hair consultation that will guide them towards the hairstyle that is right for them and what suits their lifestyle.

2, 4, & 6 weekly hair appointments for hair colour maintenance, has become something that is less than desired.

The direction we are accelerating towards is wearing our natural evolving hair colours of white, silver and grey, and complimenting it with beautiful haircuts, that can be easily styled with soft shapes that also compliment the natural texture of the hair.

Mother nature has matched us all up with such beautiful natural tones of white, silver and grey and it is being discovered more and more as women chose to dare try this new direction of colour and experience a new style liberation.

Gone are the days of quick, impersonal hair salon visits. The future of hairdressing is all about personalisation and intentionality, and the skill of designing hairstyles for longevity. This approach creates a beautiful space where clients can plan, look forward to, and get excited about their salon visits as a time to relax and take a break from their busy lives.

A hair appointment is now treasured and sacred, representing a time set aside for self-care, pampering, relaxation, and styling. This personalised approach is changing the hairdressing industry, and I'm thrilled to be a part of this exciting direction.

By Natalie Varrasso

Melbourne Australia


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