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Is your style in-line with you?

When my guest Mary first came to me, her hair was very short and dark. Mary has the most beautiful, natural wavy curl and through growing her length and allowing me to open up how her hair framed her face, plus transition to a more natural, lighter shade, she has fully evolved into her empowered new age. I think it is very important to check in at certain points of our life to see if the style we are wearing is in line with the person we have become. Quite often we are wearing a style that is visually holding us back from who we really could be.

So often I see a new client come into my salon and discover that they are forever trying to perfect a hairstyle they used to wear when they were in their twenties or thirties, and have multiple stories about the numerous times they have searched for a hairdresser to recreate that hair. It’s a little bit like trying not to age at all.

But the fact is, we will never have the hair we used to have even 5 years ago let alone 20 or 30 years ago. Unfortunately, there will always be hair style cut that we may have decided not to repeat again, but in the that time it takes to grow out a hair style, our actual hair has also gone through changes and may not always sit or style the exact same way as it did the time before. Even if you could guarantee the exact same hair cut was repeated, there is no way our hair can continue to not change.

Our hair, just like our bodies, ages. And with age comes very subtle changes that you don’t truly notice for years, but are occurring every minute of the day. The great news is that we also grow in life experiences and become wiser and more confident people, and we should celebrate this by allowing a new hairstyle to dress the new us.

It's hard to know what style might be worth pursuing without the guidance of a hairstylist. So I suggest that you look around and find a hairstylist who can talk to you about what would work.

I like to look closely at the face and bone structure before I start suggesting to my guest what would help frame her profile best. From there, I gather more information about her lifestyle and how she would like to manage her hair. Time plays a big part in choosing the right hairstyle and I don’t mean how much time I have to talk to her about it, I mean how much time she is willing to put into styling her hair everyday. Some people would love to be able to wash and wear, others prefer to have the flexibility to smooth and curl a style, and some are happy to style, but don't want to have to commit to hours of blow drying. I am confident in my strong cutting skills and therefore can style the hair to suit.

Finding a stylist who can cut with your hair's natural movement will almost always allow you to work effortlessly with your style and build the confidence you need to continue to evolve your look.

As for the guest I mentioned at the beginning, see Mary’s transformation here...

In Mary's own words:

"I have absolutely loved the experience I have had in transitioning into my new look. I was very unsure at the beginning as to where this would all go and if I would like it or not, but completely trusted Natalie’s guidance. I did veer off a couple of times and Natalie was very obliging. However I would return the next time and ask that we continue with the new style goal. The compliments I now get on a daily basis have been just the extra icing on the cake; I feel great and I have a new confidence on the outside that has empowered me on the inside. Having the experience of a hairstylist sit with me and discuss the direction with my hair and help me to make it even better, is something I recommend everyone do. I feel so relaxed and totally enjoy my time when I visit Natalie in the salon because I know that she will sit and check in with me before every hair appointment, to confirm that I am still happy and enjoying my style. She will always offer new suggestions, even if I don’t feel the need to change things at the moment. It is great to know that Natalie is constantly working for my style."


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