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How to make Hair Grow faster and Perform better:

We all want to have healthy hair, and how we achieve that healthy hair can consist of all kinds of techniques and products.

Let's first look at the 5 most common things that can sabotage the health of our hair…

  • Stress (first and foremost)

  • Over washing hair.

  • Colouring hair without using a home treatment program to care for the hairs structure

  • Using high heat styling tools without heat protection

  • Skipping steps from correct cleansing of the hair, in particular - a leave-in moisturiser

If you can improve upon these four things, you will defiantly see results in the health of your hair.

But why stop there, when you can, not only have healthy hair but better performing hair as well.

Let’s look at what better performance can result in…

  • Strong flexible elasticity in the hair

  • Higher level of volume and thickness

  • Hair responds to colouring with more vibrancy

  • Hair holds its style for longer

Improving hair performance happens with scalp massage.

How you ask?

It has everything to do with a Muscle called the Arrector Pili.

Have a think about this common experience we have all had... when you're feeling cold, You get goosebumps right?

The hairs on your body will stand up straight as the skin tightens. This is all due to the Arrector Pili muscle which is attached to every hair follicle you have.

This muscle will contract in response too cold But it is really important to also know that, it also contracts in response to emotional stress.

⚡️Lightening bolt moment for you I bet! And it should be.

I have mentored salon guests through a home massage technique that has transformed, not just the health of the hair but the overall hair performance. I have seen their hair, transition from thin and limp to thick and bouncy.

What this massage technique does, is allows the scalp to relax for moments at a time. When you help the scalp to un-tighten, you allow healthy blood flow to fully penetrate the hair. As this happens, the hair follicle stem cell production can work to its best capacity.

The more you do this massage the better you get at it, and the less and less your scalp remains constantly tight.

My favourite time to do this technique is straight after a warm shower, or before bed.

The best thing about this massage, is that it only takes 30secs to 3mins once a day for you to see results.

This is by far the most effective treatment you can do for your hair and scalp health, for you to see the best hair performance you have experienced in a long time.

So…how do you do this technique?

This massage technique is not the same as what you experience in the salon when you are getting your hair washed by the hairdresser. The reason why it is not the same is because... trying to massage your scalp the same as the hairdresser does, is honestly not the same relaxing experience. If anything, you can feel frustrated that it is not as nice a feeling. This ultimately defeats the whole exercise.

What I am going to take you through is an acupressure massage. This will have multiple benefits along side of healthy scalp and hair performance.

You are going to be starting by gently pressing and releasing along your hair line starting from the front of your forehead and travelling down to the front of the ear. You can go through this once (30secs) or repeat it x3 and then a small movement of pressing and releasing with your fingers placed on the most common areas of the scalp where women can often experience hair loss or thinning. These areas are:

  1. The crown of the head: This is the area on the top of the head, towards the back.

  2. The part line: This is the line that separates the hair on the top of the head.

  3. The temples: This is on the sides of the forehead, near the temples, AKA the receding hairline.

  4. The frontal hairline: This is in the front of the head, near the hairline.

These areas on the scalp can often feel tense and tight, which restricts movement. To address this, I suggest trying the acupressure massage technique on these areas several times a day. By consistently practicing this technique, you should gradually experience improved movement. Making scalp massage a regular part of your routine will yield even better results that will surely excite you. I have created a video tutorial on Hair Spa Treatment where I demonstrate the massage technique. I invite you to watch the tutorial and begin your own scalp massage ritual. I have done a short video showing the techniques to this massage. I invite you to watch and start doing it daily yourself, and start loving the improved health and performance of your hair.

If you are curious to learn more about how your hair and scalp respond to our lifestyle and the changes they go through, I recommend reading the book "Love Your Hair." In this book, you will find a chapter titled "Maximising Hair and Scalp Health" that covers nine subheadings filled with interesting and helpful tips and insights. It's a valuable resource where you can gain a deeper understanding of your hair's needs and discover ways to enhance its health.

By Natalie Varrasso xx


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