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How to get a beautiful smooth blow-dry, without using a straightener!

The best way of getting a beautiful smooth blow dry without using a straightener is to use good products, and good technique. Products include things like a moisturiser that will protect and nourish you hair. A good quality brush and hair dyer will also aid in creating a smoother shinier finish. Techniques include separating your hair into sections that are not too thick nor wider then your brush and using your hair dyer to go through each section slowly, ensuring they are completely dry and smooth. Always finish with cool air to seal and set your shape!

My top 12 tips on how to get a smooth silky finish from only a hairdyer and a brush!

Tip 1: Moisturise before you blow dry! Adding a good quality moistuiser with a thermal protection in it when you hair is wet will help you get a smooth result and protect your hair from damage! I use Goldwell Kerasilk Regenerating Blow Dry Spay and Goldwell Just Smooth 6 Effects Serum

Tip 2: “Dry off” your hair to about 80% dry, this will save you time and arm strength! If you're blow drying your hair for this step, move the top part of your hair from side to side so that you don't have a distinct part yet. This will help create body at the front of your hair.

Tip 3: The Brush you use matters! Look for a wooden brush with boar bristles and a ceramic plate, I use a high lift round brush with boar bristles and a ceramic plate.Boar Bristles help to give you hair the smoothest shiniest result. Wooden brushes help to contain some of the heat to make sure your brush doesn't overheat and damage your hair, and the ionic ceramic plating releases negative ions will also help to prevent hair damage and eliminate frizz.

Tip 4: Start from the front of your Hair :Especially if your hair is long, blow drying can be tiring and when you start from the front, you're putting your most motivated efforts into the most visible part of your hair.

Tip 5: Don't make your sections too wide. Section your hair making sure that your hair dyer can dry all of the hair, not just the top section.The width of your section will depend on how thick your hair is. For medium thickness hair, 3 inches is probably enough, and for thicker hair 2 inches may be better.

Tip 6: Use a thin nozel attachment and go slowly! Use a thin nozel and go slowly across your hair to make sure all of your hair, especially any wispy bits, get compressed.

Tip 7: Pay attention to how you position your hair dyer. You want your hair dyer angled downward so that the air coming out of the hair dyer will be hitting and pushing the hair in the direction your brush is going. Don't position it directly down, or so that it is so far across that the hot air isn't touching the hair.

Tip 8: Use your brush to create a smooth shape. Make sure you start with your brush close to the base of your scalp and pull the brush outwards slowly.

Tip 9: Only take a section as wide as your brush. If you pick up sections wider then your brush it can cause tangling when you are rolling and unrolling your brush

Tip 10: Blow-dry the front section of your hair forward before you find your part.

Tip 11: Finish with cold air. Cold hair will help set the hair into the shape you have just created and it will help you get longevity from your blow-dry . It will also allow the bonds in your hair that will have been disrupted from the heat to reconnect.

Tip 12: Part your hair at the end. Leaving this until the end allows you to get fullness in your hair, and to work with the natural fall of your hair that day.

Tip 13: Choose a good quality hair dyer. Try to find a light one (your arms will thank you later) and if you can find one with a ceramic ionic plating will leave your hair shiner and with less frizz.

Products Used:

For more information and a more detailed description, watch my full Video Tutorial on this topic here:

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