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How to cleanse your hair properly!

Do you feel like your hair is still oily after you wash it? Or that maybe the ends of your hair feel crispy and dry after you have cleansed your hair? You’re probably not washing your hair right!

When you cleanse your hair properly you keep the hair healthy and consistently hydrated from root to tip. You may find that once you are cleansing your hair properly you are even able to get an extra day or two out of your wash.

Products used to Cleanse & Moisturise:

Leave in Conditioners:


  1. Wet your hair

  2. Start with about a 50c piece worth of shampoo

  3. Emulsify the shampoo in your hands before you place it on your head. If you have the shampoo lathered before you apply it you will be able to get a more consistent application.

  4. Apply the shampoo to your scalp only, don't rub through the ends or pile your hair on top of your head.

  5. Massage the shampoo into your scalp, I like to start and focus near my face, where often a lot of extra products and oils get into your skin.

  6. Rinse out

  7. Shampoo Again! Remember to emulsify in your hands again and then apply to your scalp only. I usually focus on the crown of my head during the second shampoo

  8. Massage the second shampoo into your scalp. Again- don't rub or massage the ends of your hair at all.

  9. If you can, try to stand out of the spray of water while you massage the shampoo into your hair so that you get a chance for the shampoo to cleanse your scalp before it runs off with the water.

  10. Rinse the second Shampoo well. Make sure there is no shampoo residue left before you move onto the conditioner.

  11. Squeeze out any excess water.


  1. The amount of conditioner you use will depend on how long and how thick your hair is. I start with about a 50c coin amount.

  2. Rub the conditioner through your hands again, it won't lather up, but spreading the product through your hands will help you get an even application.

  3. Take the ends of your hair from the base of your neck, as though you are about to make a pony tail, and focus the conditioner on this part of your hair down to the tips only. This way you avoid getting excess conditioner on your scalp.

  4. Use a wide tooth comb and starting from the ends down, one section at a time. Comb your hair, slowly making your way up the hair.

  5. The comb will apply the conditioner further up your hair, without saturating the area around your scalp.

  6. Rinse your hair well- make sure you remove all the conditioner from the roots.

  7. Squeeze out excess liquid


  1. Towel dry your hair, Don't rub your hair with the towel, but do squeeze your hair with the towel, this can help to prevent knots and breakage.

  2. Leave in moisturiser! I always recommend finishing your cleanse with a moisturiser, choose the type to suit your hair type. The spray I use in this tutorial is a little lighter and may be better suited for lighter hair. The cream is a little thicker and can be better for thicker or dryer hair.

  3. Focusing on the midlength down, apply your chosen moisturiser to the hair in sections and then comb through.


When this process is followed you should find it helps to prevent a build up of oil from your roots and it should help keep your ends moisturised leaving you with consistently smooth hydrated hair!


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