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How to avoid purchasing unnecessary hair products

We have all been in that position where you are in front of a new and exciting product, promising lovely things and being told that this will be exactly what you need for your hair so you can achieve the look you want. Just for a fleeting moment the thought passes through your mind that you have 100 other products in your cupboard that also promised you the same magic, and you haven’t even used half of each one.

I totally get it! The excitement of instant satisfaction you feel with a new purchase that you will take home and everything will be even more amazing. Am I right?!

When I consult with my guests, either online or in my salon, I like to find out what products they already have at home. Quite often, what already exists is all that is required. My job is to then teach or advise how to correctly use those products before suggesting another be added to the collection. After all, I am a big believer in correct application and technique - otherwise every product just becomes another purchase that gets pushed to the back of the cupboard.

In finding out what my guests already have at home for their styling support, I also ask how long it's been there. It is often the case that those products that have been pushed to the back are now out of date. Due to the accumulated collection of stock in bathroom cupboards you quite possibly will find that you own everything you need and more than what might have been necessary.

Did you know that I have recorded lots of helpful video tutorials? Jump on to my YouTube and see tips and styling techniques that you could start doing now with the product you most likely already have and that will work for the look you are wanting to achieve.

Nevertheless, if you would like any advice on a particular product, message me at or through my Instagram page @retreat_hair.


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