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How does personality influence your most suited style?

A new guest arrives for her consultation with me at the salon. She is smiling and I am sensing she is excited and maybe a little unsure of what this experience will bring.

I invite her in and show her to my seat.

So much of what information I need to gather about her is all present in the first three to five minutes of meeting, and if this is not paid attention to, then it is a major missed opportunity to a very important part of the consultation, and I’ll tell you why…

The very first moments are a glimpse into how she shows up in social situations - in other words, this is the mask we all wear when we are out with friends/family, meeting new people, at work or anything social.

This is the information I need to know and file in my mind so that when I start to meet the un-masked version of my new guest, I can get an idea as to if I am consulting about styles that will align with a personality that is either introverted or extroverted.

The secret within all of this is aligning the true personality with a style that can be worn with complete confidence in all situations you find yourself in throughout daily life.

If the genuine version of yourself feels uncomfortable wearing a particular style, then presenting yourself in social situations leaves you potentially feeling less confident purely because your hair is telling a different story, separate to the woman wearing it.

When you feel your hair is aligned well with who you are, then regardless of whether you are shy or outgoing, you will be confident in and out of social situations, and can style your hair for those

'off-duty days’ and as well as those more ‘on duty days’ knowing you are presenting the best 'you' all the time.

Self-confidence has so much to do with the way we perform in our everyday lives. How we dress on the outside is our way of showing others who we are. But it is also how we make ourselves feel, for example;

We dress smartly or sexily when we are on a date because of the mood we are in.

We dress conservatively or in a structured way when attending a funeral because of the mood we are in.

We dress brightly and lightly when we are on a holiday at the beach because of the mood we are in.

Our hair needs to shape and style to suit the mood we are in but even more than that, it is a part of our body - and therefore, our emotions - and is important that it aligns with our distinctive individual personalities.

I will be talking more this year about hairstyles suited best to personalities that are either introverted or extroverted via my Instagram feed and stories, as well as sharing some insightful steps that will guide you to work out what styles you best suit.

Nat xx


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