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Deciding on a new hairstyle for 2021?

Have you been thinking to yourself…what is the right hairstyle for me?

Well if you are like most, then this is a thought that has crossed your mind many times in your life.

But how do you go about getting started in a new direction?

Sometimes we look to social media, sometimes we look at what our family or friends are doing with their hair. But somehow the question still ends up unresolved.

I believe a reason for this is because we are conflicted between wanting to look confident like the women we see around us but really wanting a hairstyle that reflects an image that is compatible with the version of ourselves we feel is most true to us... just look at how many times Halle Berry has re-invented herself!

This year through 2021, I will be sharing with you how to find your most-suited hairstyle. I will be showing you how to look at yourself and navigate towards many amazing styles that will work for you. I am very excited to be able to now offer my knowledge of successful styling to empower you towards hair you love.

But to start things off for the new year, I am going to give you a quick and fun exercise you can sample right now! Just answer these 3 questions:

1. Do you want to stand out or blend in?

2. Do you want a new image or a subtle change?

3. What are your styling skills like - amazing, average or poor?

Now search hairstyles and screen-shot five you love the look of. We are now going to narrow this down to two photos only by doing the following…

1. Imagine the hairstyle on you. Does it feel like it has presence or does it blend you in?

2. Does it feel like a big enough change?

3. Can you style your hair to look the same as the photo shows?

Take your time when doing this exercise with the five photos you have chosen. You should find that by taking these three things into account that you have easily eliminated 3/5 photos.

Save the remaining images you have ended up with into a ‘Hairstyles I love’ album on your phone and bring them out the next time you are with your hairdresser discussing your next look.

Nat xx


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