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“Confidence starts from the

hair down”

Welcome to a forward focused innovative approach to hairdressing.

Hi I ’m Nat,

My passion for hairdressing began all the way back in 1992. I specialise in hairdressing for women 40+, and over my career have excelled at fine tuning my skills ─ always maintaining high excellence in cutting and the ability to design shapes that work in harmony with the natural movement of hair. 

Creating beautiful hairstyles only becomes possible after a proper hair consultation.

Specialising in the art of ‘hair consultation’, allows an holistic approach to hairstyling.


Grey hair transitioning is an extension of how I work with the natural movement of the hair. I build empowering confidence in women who are ready to embrace their beautiful natural tones.


My passion for helping women find their best hairstyles, as well as how to look after their hair, was the driving force behind StayStyled naturally satin pillowcases and more recently, my book ‘LOVE YOUR HAIR discover your best hairstyle’. Both have allowed me to share my knowledge further and educate women in how to gently care for their hair. 


Professional education is essential for all hairdressers. Understanding hair is one great skill that will elevate your hairdressing, BUT understanding the proper way to guide your guests through a hair consultation will take your hairstyling skills to the next level. I provide online, face-to-face and group event coaching classes. I share my 30yrs experience and methodology of how to communicate with your guest, to help create exceptional and confident hairdressing.

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What  People Say


Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yoursAfter years of horrible experiences at other salons, it is finally such a relief finding someone as knowledgable, friendly and professional as Nat.

I felt very comfortable giving control to Nat who immediately understood my hair type and vision. After years of neglecting and caring for my curls, Nat worked her magic and my hair has never felt so healthy


Natalie is a true professional and absolutely dedicated to giving her clients the very best. She asks relevant questions about your hair styling preferences, something that no other salon has ever asked me, and spends so much time listening to you.
She is truly a master at cutting, and for the first time I can air dry my wavy hair and it is perfect. Thank you Nat!


A note of thanks for your fabulous service on getting me on the way to transitioning to my natural hair colour after many years of colouring. I was grateful for your prompt, no nonsense and professional approach to communicate the science behind the process and the process itself. You have also understood completely what has brought me to this point. As I am sure you have heard many times, this is a daunting first step but your confidence and excitement to be part of it have removed any hesitation I might have had in the past. Now knowing what you can do, I can’t wait to start

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