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Your personal online hairstyle guide

With the official launch of my online hair consultations this August, I have guided and helped a number of women to find their direction with what hairstyles will best align with who they are and their lifestyles.

I have been humbled at the lovely feedback I also received with comments coming back such as “wow that was so much more than I expected to receive”, “Nat, you hit the nail on the head”, “I love that you have really understood me”, “I have never had any hairdresser in my life ever explain and help me like this before” and many more very similar.

No matter where in the world you live, I love that I can provide my services to you and connect as though you were sitting in front of me in my salon.

I wanted to create a space for consultations online so I could reach out and offer to women around the world what I believe is an invaluable first step towards your best, most-suited hairstyle.

I could think of hundreds of reasons as to why a thorough and intentional consultation is so essential! But let me begin with the top ten:

1. You feel safe, heard and in trusted hands

2. You gain a new confidence and control in how you look

3. A suited hairstyle to your bone structure complements your face and you feel amazing, even younger.

4. Style direction that aligns with you and your lifestyle opens your eyes to a better version of yourself

5. You know what your hair can now do

6. Advice that helps you break or lose unknown bad styling habits has released you from fighting against your hairs natural texture.

7. You are able to finally get longevity from your hairstyle and gain back valuable time within your days.

8. You have the knowledge and confidence to know how to work with your natural white/silver hair.

9. Going to the hairdressers becomes more fun

10. Discovering your best style direction gives you the motivation to try styling your hair different ways

With salons in Melbourne now re-opened, my online hair consultations have had to be scheduled in (no different to a physical hair appointment with me) and for this reason it has now become sold out for 2020.

Online consultation services will re-open again for 2021 so keep a watch out on my social pages and my monthly newsletters for announcements and some sneaky offers around Christmas.

Nat xx


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