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Why you should get a Keratin Treatment

Do you feel like your hair is suffering from any of the following ? 

- Tired

- Coloured

- Frizzy

- Dehydrated

- Over due for a hair cut or trying to grow more length

- Over styled with to much heat

- Susceptible to humidity  

- Takes you a long time to dry and style

If you answered YES to any of the above, you will probably see results and benefits from a Goldwell Keratin Treatment.

Here is a before shot of one of my guests hair pre Keratin Treatment. Some of the frustrations she had with her hair were knotting, frizz, dryness and with so much thickness she found it was taking her a very long time to style. She was using a large round styling brush with the hair dryer to stretch out her hair as well as regularly using straightening irons. Her styling time would usually take 1.5 hrs.

After the Keratin Treatment my guests hair is soft and silky, the image you see is after the hair has been dried using the hair dryer only until all dry, and then using a large paddle brush with the hair dryer to neaten the overall finish. Styling time was more then halved and her end result is beautiful healthy hair.

Hair after a keratin treatment
Hair after a keratin treatment

Benefits from having a Keratin Treatment:

  • First and for most Frizz is Gone, but curl will remain if you have curly hair.

  • Hair no longer Susceptible to humidity

  • Styling time is halved

  • Hair feels the way it did pre-colouring 

  • Hair is back to what it was before thermal styling took its toll

  • Keratin Treatment will last 3-4 months sometimes longer providing you use compatible Shampoo and conditioner.

  • For many people Keratin Treatment will allow a wash and wear result.

  • Results will be unique to every head of hair.

Comment from Guest after her Keratin Treatment :

" This is my first Keratin Treatment and I was a little unsure of what the result would be, BUT I am blown away ! My hair feels amazing and so soft. I had to run to the car in the rain the following day and my hair didn't change, I couldn't stop checking my self out in the car mirror. I have really thick heavy hair and since the treatment it is less fluffy and bulky. I am extremely happy with the result". 

let me know if you have any questions or would like to know more about any part of this treatment!


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