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Top Tips for Curly Hair!

Nat’s top 9 tips for Curly Hair

1. Use a moisturising shampoo ( you don’t want to compromise the cuticle layer of the hair )

2. Use a hair treatment at least once a week ( I suggest Olaplex #3 or a softening hair treatment such as Goldwell just smooth 60sec treatment )

3. Add a leave in moisturiser back on to the hair after your hair cleansing routine ( this can be in the form of a spray or a cream)

4. No one has the same curly hair as another, be patient and try different styling products to support your curls. ( I use a different product combination on almost every guest in my salon )

5. DON’T SCRUNCH YOUR CURLS - PUMP THEM ( scrunching can cause friction and fluff your shape, use a pumping action and this will keep your ringlets intact)

6. Use pin curl clips to raise the hair at the roots through the top section of your head before drying.

7. Air drying is great but extremely time consuming, if you have long heavy hair it will sit a little lower then if you defuse your curls.

8. Use your defuser on a LOW speed and set on a WARM setting, not hot.

9. Olaplex Olaplex Olaplex I have used Olaplex to style curly hair have seen great results. Using Olaplex #3 after your cleansing routine apply roots to ends, comb through and pump, DONE!


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