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Thinking about transitioning to your natural white hair?

More often than ever before, I find myself announcing to guests: “We are there, you have done it - you don’t have to book in for any more colour from now on!"

Transitioning your style to grey is a process. Once my salon guests are past the half way mark, that’s when the excitement generally starts to kick in because the image is now easier to see and imagine the whole new look. I think that the journey of coming in to see me and having me mentor my guests through the process is kind of sad to end, even though we achieved the goal.

I still see my guests that have completed their transition, for their haircuts and blow-waves, but once they have transitioned to grey or white, they can say goodbye to their colour treatments!

I understand that I am working on a design that suits each person as a whole, when I consult and create hairstyles for my guests. This is why the psychology behind hairdressing is equally as fascinating and important to me; I feel that having the understanding of the emotional side to a transition adds more insight and value to my ability to create.

If you are wondering what it might be like to enter into the exciting possibilities of a new you, I can share with you the feedback I hear from my guests at different points of the three-phase transition process.

Below are some frequent remarks that my guests tell me they experience:

- "I love that there is no re-growth"

- "I had to check my diary to be sure I was really due to come in because I couldn’t see the regrowth yet."

- "Everyone says how amazing I look"

- "I am not sure myself yet, but everyone keeps telling me I look great."

- "I keep getting asked who is my hairdresser because someone else's hairdresser can’t get her blonde highlights as white as mine!"

- "My friend/sister/cousin said to me why are you letting your hair go white?"

- "I only get great comments from strangers but never the people I see often"

- "I didn't think I would love it as much as I do"

- "My Husband surprisingly really likes me with my white hair"

- "My skin tone so much more even and I love adding some brighter lippy to dress my look up. I wasn't able to use bright lipstick before but now it looks great"

- "I thought I'd look older, but in actual fact I just look better"

- "My friends keep asking why I am doing this. But I love the freedom from my 2 week regrowth and I like it"

- "My friends are asking me how I did it and what I asked for so that my hairdresser knew what to do. They are wanting to give it a go as well because they see me so happy"

There is no way of knowing or guessing what your personal journey will be like but I think, honestly, for many people it is the fear of what others may think or say that is the obstacle to making the decision.

I feel so confident that I can show my salon guests how amazing hair can look using their natural colour and a great style.


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