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The Book Launch Celebration

I have officially launched my new book LOVE YOUR HAIR Discover your best hairstyle.

I am grateful for all the people who have been a part of my learning experiences in the hairdressing industry for 30+ years, which has taught me so much and allowed me to get better at what I do. My passion for learning more about each individual so that I can help create a confident hairstyle that is proudly worn and managed has been what brought me to this place.

So it is with excitement that I decided to do a little book launch event and to say thank you to all those that have been so supportive. Anyone is welcome, details follow below.

Being a small business owner I find myself naturally wanting to also support other small businesses. I feel that the longer you exist in an area, you begin to develop relationships with the businesses around you and it makes a big difference when you feel you belong to a community of like minded people who are also providing amazing service to others.

A new cafe that has opened in the Manningham area called Inked Cup Cafe goes beyond their offering of great coffee and mouth watering pastries. They are thinking outside the box and are providing other small businesses the opportunity to use their beautiful space to run occasional classes or workshops. The cafe space is inviting and relaxed and the Cafe owner Andre was so enthusiastic and welcoming when I was talking to him about my book launch idea at his venue.

Sooooo, Where is the venue?

If you haven’t guessed it already…I am going to be at Inked Cup Cafe for the launch of LOVE YOUR HAIR. I would love for you to come down and treat yourself to one of Andre’s coffees and delicious pastries. Any book purchases on the day can be signed by me.

The event is on Sunday 27th June from 3:00pm-4:30pm, I would love to see you pop by and join me to celebrate the launch of the book.

Please RSVP by 19th of June if you can attend by emailing or to texting my mobile - 0425 843 256

Please Note: RSVP’s are essential to ensure that the event complies with COVID-19 Government enforced restrictions. The event is also subject to change due to COVID-19 Government restrictions, in which anyone who has confirmed attendance will be notified.


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