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The artist within

We all possess a creative spark deep within us.

Expressing our creativity can take various forms, from cooking and painting to arranging flowers, styling hair, decorating homes, and even designing cappuccino froth. Any endeavour that we invest our time and energy into, seeking to create beauty and evoke positive emotions, allows our creative side to shine.

In this month's episode of Nat's Live Q&A, I had the pleasure of hosting the incredibly talented Graeme Stevenson as my guest. Graeme is an idol of mine, renowned for his acclaimed TV show, "Put some Colour in Your Life." It was a thrill to engage in a conversation with him, where he shared his inspirational journey.

At the age of 51, Graeme made the decision to return to college and pursue studies in TV production. In just a decade, he forged invaluable connections within the art world and became a respected mentor, among many other accomplishments.

One fascinating fact about Graeme is that he was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) on Australia Day 2017 for his exceptional contributions to the visual arts. When he received the letter announcing this prestigious honour, Graeme jokingly admitted to briefly thinking he might be in trouble with the tax department.

Creativity, in whatever form it manifests for you, is a deeply personal gift. Each individual's interpretation and expression of creativity are unique. This sentiment also applies to hair and personal style. Embracing and working with your natural hair texture to create a hairstyle that feels authentically you is an empowering experience.

As Graeme has demonstrated through his own creative journey, following your instincts and doing what feels right for you can lead to reinvention and exciting new directions, even at the age of 50 and beyond. My artistry lies in consultations and hairstyling. I derive immense joy from working with women, guiding them to discover their authentic selves and feel amazing. I believe that cutting hair to enhance its natural texture enables more confident styling at home, and that, too, is an art form.

To watch my interview with Graeme Stevenson, click HERE, I am excited to continue exploring and nurturing my inner artist, and I hope you feel motivated to do the same. Let your creativity flow and embrace the beauty it brings to your life.

By Natalie Varrasso


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