The artist within

I believe we are all creative souls deep down.

The way you show your creative side can be through cooking, painting, flower arrangements, hairstyling, home decorating, cappuccino froth design and anything and everything that you put your energy and time into making look or feel good.

This month my guest on Nat’s Live Q&A was Graeme Stevenson. Graeme is a bit of an idol of mine, so naturally I was extremely excited to have him join me on my Q&A. He is perhaps best known for creating the award-winning TV show, “Put some Colour in Your Life.”

Graeme was a delight to chat with and shared his inspiring story of how at the age of 51 he returned to college to study TV production. In a short 10 year period, Graeme accelerated his connections within the art world to become a well-respected mentor among many other things.

Something you may not know about Graeme is that on Australia Day 2017, he received the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) “for service to the visual arts.” The award is one of the highest honours an Australian citizen can receive. I had to laugh when Graeme told me that when the letter arrived in the mail to announce this, he thought he must be in trouble with the tax department, LOL.

Being creative, however it is for you, is a personal gift and no one will interpret things the same way as you. It is also about being ok with who you are and what you have. I bring this back to hair and what your personal style is. There is nothing more unique than to embrace and work with your own natural hair texture to create a hairstyle.

When you find a hairstyle that feels ‘just you’ it is amazing how empowering the release of more embedded creativity comes through.

Like Graeme said, and has showed in his own creative journey, “just do what you feel is right for you” and even starting from the age of 50, you can reinvent yourself and begin a whole new exciting direction.

My art is within consultations and hairstyling. I love working with women to help guide the way that feels most right with how to show up and feel great. I find that cutting hair with its natural texture allows for more confident styling at home and that is also art.

You can see my interview with Graeme Stevenson by clicking on this link.

I am excited to continue tapping into my artist within and I hope you are motivated to do the same.