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I have exciting news that I’ve been waiting to share!

But first let me share a piece of the journey with you…

So it is early July 2020 in Melbourne, it is cold and winter is setting in. We are at the beginning of what will soon become an extended lockdown for us. It’s a time where everyone (well majority of the population) had to adjust the way they live and work.

As we began to adapt to our new lifestyle of zoom work meetings, online exercise workouts, homeschooling and virtual family catch ups, I also found myself looking to discover new ways to extend what I love to do most. That is, helping women with their hair. I love guiding women to discover what is their most suited style, in order to build self confidence and maintain a hairstyle that aligns with their lifestyle and personality.

So, here I am in the photo you see above, I know, I know, I am not looking very hairdresser’ry at all, but we don’t have to be ON all the time right? However, my brain was completely ON and literally diving into my next biggest challenge - Writing a book for you.

With an attempt to be proactive and stay focused, I began signing myself up to all the online hair courses I could possibly manage, as well as continuing with my advanced monthly cutting course (modified to be held online obviously) I then realised that this wasn't just a time to improve myself professionally, it was an opportunity for me to work on putting what I’ve learnt in 30 years of hairdressing to paper, and giving you access. So I spent my time in lockdown writing, writing and writing.

I am so excited to announce that I have written a book to help and guide you to finding your best hairstyle. In my book I cover tips to improve and maintain hair health, how to find the right hair stylist and salon, tips to identify the best way to style your hair and more.

Consider this book as me taking you though one of my personalised consultations, that will help remove all anxieties that come with a new stylist or knowing how to find one. My aim is to educate you on how to decide your most suited and empowering hairstyle, and how to get it.

This is a first for me and for you. It’s a devotion of all the years I have spent in the hairdressing industry, and I have put my heart and soul into a consultation journey for you to have and use to discover your best hairstyle.

SO! The Book…

I will be inviting you to stay tuned for the launch of my new book ‘LOVE YOUR HAIR’.

Copies will be limited, there will be an opportunity to pre-order the hard copy. Further details to follow. I am so excited to be taking you on this journey through a hair consultation with me.

Love Nat x


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