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Thank you for your support!

OMG ! I’m so excited to be bringing back to the Salon the Manningham Business Excellence award for Highly Commended business of Manningham.

By no means an easy award to get without impressing a lot of people form all different businesses and professional roles. For me, this makes the win so much more overwhelming.

I have put in lots of late nights and early mornings to polish of the edges of my business and also I am very proud to offer you a cleaner more interactive platform ( which is now running well ) on my website, Facebook and Instagram.

I want to share as much knowledge as I can and help offer user friendly hair advise to everyone

The encouragement and support I have felt from my Salon Guests, family and friends has truly been a humbling experience and 2018 will be a year I will always remember.

It is a great feeling to be more widely recognised but I had lots of learnings alone the way, and to be honest, I feel there is a lot more hard work to come.

Hairdressing is more then my passion it is my world and I get excited everyday I enter my Salon and prepare for who is to walk through my door that day.

The win has defiantly help further motivate me to push harder and I am excited for what the future holds.

To finish off I’d like to formally send a thank you out to the following;

Julie Battisti - for her knowledge, insight and talent with websites and social media. I have had the privilege of working with Julie this year and I have learnt so much from her.

Shannon Anderson - from Fully Fund It, Shannon used her amazing talent for getting to understand my business helped me put words in place to see my businesses point of difference with more clarity.

Dario Cotroneo - My hairdressing/business mentor, Dario helps me remain focused and accountable within my career and he is a great inspiration that I have had the privilege of working with month to month.

Husband, Daughter and Son - I don’t think anything comes easy, but with the support I have had from my family it has made the journey that much easier.


To my Salon Guests, I send a heart felt thank you!

I love bringing back to the Salon new and on trend styling techniques to offer you. I love getting to know you and personalising your hair style so that people stop and comment on your look because you stand out from the rest.

You are the reason I push myself to be better and better because I truly get the same warm and fuzzy feeling you feel with each complement you receive.

And I would like to take this opportunity to extend a welcome to new and future Guests to Retreat Hair, I look forward to meeting you and helping you evolve into your empowering Style as well.

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