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Stepping into the new version of yourself

I never tire of guiding my guests, either in the salon or via my online consultation services, through to their new style that celebrates the version of themselves they feel is how they best show up in their current life.

Removing even the smallest amount of hair is an empowering experience at shedding away the you of last month/last year/last chapter of that part of your life. Whatever the new refreshed version of yourself is, is yours to celebrate your own way however big or small. It's no-one's experience but your own.

For my last blog of 2020 I thought I’d share my own empowering step toward a fresh and new chapter of my journey. Stuck with the hair that had to be mine during the many months of lockdown with covid control that Melbourne endured, I was more than excited by the start of November to have a new style - for both myself and to let go of the corona yuck that 2020 was. Not only that but I had met and achieved new goals and had small personal wins of my own during the year and I wanted to embrace a version of myself that would inspire me to carry it into the new year.

I had many compliments that my ever-growing length was looking great and I should keep my long hair, and even though I can manage my hair long or short, it wasn’t what I felt was for me right now. In fact, it felt like flat and sad energy was just sitting on my shoulders. If you could have seen my ends up close, they were a sad scene, trust me.

Now if you are anything like me, you will appreciate that I was/am sitting on the side of the scales that reads a weight gain that is all Covid-19’s fault. But changing my hair was something I could control and I know that when I am feeling good in my own look, the rest will eventually follow.

So haircut time was going to be an exciting day.

I have a checklist that I go though when deciding on a new direction on which to embark for a style. I take myself through this process just as I do for the guests I see in my salon.

An exciting heads-up…I will be sharing this checklist with all of you in the new year, so stay tuned and check my Instagram or sign up to my newsletters for announcements to come.

Wow, that feeling you get when the first chop is done, actually to be brutally honest, I wish I could stand behind myself and cut my own hair. I believe the feeling would be amplified in all directions for me! But instead, I can’t see it, I can just feel the transformation happening.

So here I am, slowly feeling the hair that existed and saw me into 2020 being removed as I end the same year. Like many of you have also experienced I’m sure, it has been a year like no other. I was happy to have this layer removed to expose healthier, vibrant and weightless hair.

I decided to have a fair bit of length removed and all for my own reasons that were empowering to me. Just so you know, it’s not to say I wasn't slightly apprehensive about the end result of this cut as I sat there in the chair, but mostly excited is what I felt.

And are you ready to meet the new Nat?


Feeling great and ready to embrace the new year with all the yet-to-be-seen or explored paths. But I am busting to start making it happen.

I leave you with this healthy hair tip… embrace your hair and styles through every stage of life.

Thank you for being an amazing guest, follower or someone that finds my advice about healthy hair styling helpful and informative. I very much look forward to the new and exciting things I have coming your way that I am sure you will find just as insightful, if not more than before.

Stay safe and I’ll see you all again in 2021.

Nat xx


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