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Scalp health in coronavirus lockdown

The top two concerns I've heard this year have been scalp dryness and hair loss.

Never before have so many of us been confined to the indoors during an entire year like we have experienced during 2020. When we move around less we tend to get cold and then we pop on the heaters. We are less distracted with friends, colleagues, kids' sports, nights out and the normal activity that we would have in our day-to-day.

Seasons will bring changes of their own and I feel that because we have not been to see our hairstylists, the normal analysis of the hair that is carried out each visit has not been happening and therefore the new recommendations of shampoo, conditioners and moisturisers that might be better suited to your hair with the change in weather have not been suggested.

This year has been full of adjustment and interruption, and it is a given that this has brought about stress for many of us. But we take the facts and the info that we can and we get on with what we have to do. Our bodies, however, have their own way of coping, so while we are getting on with it, stress can externally show in many ways. The most common is through the hair and scalp.

Irritated scalps and Hair loss are also stress-related symptoms. So let me help you to get on top of your dry scalp and hair as of right now! This is my 100%-you-won’t-be-disappointed hair spa experience...

Exfoliant - For the really dry scalps, it's time for a treatment - a gentle exfoliant that will remove excess dry and flaky skin on the scalp, and revitalise the roots of the hair. Kerasilk Revitalise Exfoliant will also break up excess oil build-up and refresh the scalp. This treatment is done before shampooing the hair and is an easy first step.

Skin & Scalp Oils for rejuvenation - For normal-to-light flaky scalps, you are going to start your spa scalp treatment with a head massage and a natural organic blend of Australian botanical oils. This will be a relaxing scalp treatment you can give yourself. It is done before shampooing the hair and is a very easy treatment and relaxation ritual to be enjoyed.

Cleansing - For dry scalps, I recommend a shampoo that is gentle enough for everyday use, even though I do not suggest you wash each day. Ideally, a salon brand that sits between $20-$40 is all that you need to be spending for a professional shampoo that will be gentle on the scalp and hair. The technique of washing your hair is almost more important then the product you will use, but if you can get both right you will love the results even more. I cannot recommend highly enough that you watch my You Tube tutorial on how to cleanse your hair.

Deep Conditioning - If you have shampooed your hair correctly then I would suggest you use a treatment instead of a conditioner next. My recommendation is the Dualsenses 60 Second Treatment. Apply it to hair that has been squeeze- dried and start from mid lengths to ends, then comb through from ends to roots.

Now you have finished your 4-step hair spa treatment, you are going to finish with the crème de la crème of moisturisers, Kerasilk Reconstruct spray. And voilà, you and your hair are feeling and looking nourished and hydrated!

The products used in this spa experience can be found in four treatment packs I have put together. Use coupon code SPA30 to receive $30 off your purchase (per person, valid until 1/10/20).

Watch my video to see me take you though the process of this hair spa treatment.

Relax, and enjoy!


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