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"OMG, you have really thick hair!"

"OMG, you have Really Thick Hair!"

If you have extremely thick hair you have probably experienced these words said to you. But when it comes out of a hairdressers mouth I bet you felt like running out of the Salon as soon as those words were said while the hairdresser rakes randomly through handfuls of you hair like they are navigating their way through a spiders web.

To someone with really thick hair these words usually create the feeling of panic and nervousness that the hairdresser is going to struggle with the chore ahead of them.

I come from a family with extremely thick hair and when I started my career in hairdressing it was my family that were my practice models. So for me, styling thick hair is no biggie at all, in fact in the early days of my apprenticeship I was the first to make myself available to the next thick curly head of hair that walked into the salon,

I had to laugh when my sister told me she just stood straight up and walked out of a salon after this exact experience happened to her. She had gone into a salon that she had not been to before when she heard these words and decided that based on past similar experiences she was not going to allow the service to go any further because she knew full well that she would spend the next 4 months having to grow out that bad cut.

If this has been an experience of yours and you are still not completely happy or you have now found yourself in a position that you are needing to find a new Salon or stylist, I have good news for you lovelies out there with your thick head of locks!

Thanks to Social media it has never been easier to search for the right stylist. Lots of Salons now support each of their stylists with their own profile and library of looks and creations that guests can scroll through on instagram which makes it great for seeing all the works of that particular stylist. But if that still overwhelms you, I strongly suggest popping in to a salon and asking the receptionist who they might believe to be a good fit for you and your thick hair? Then I would suggest you stay or book in for a consultation with that stylist before you book in for a service or treatment.

This will give you the time you need to know if you feel confident or not and you can always decide later if you want to continue on with a booking. I really do believe it is worth the leg work when it comes to finding the right stylist for you, so look around and ask questions

I know how hard it can be to find a stylist that truly gets hair and how it falls. I use a technique called free hand cutting which simply means I do not use a comb, instead I section with my hands and I cut the hair as it's falling natural. This technique suits almost every head of hair but works the best on thick hair. It can be thick and any length, with frizz/wave or curl or all of the above. For me its about seeing how the hair moves starting from the scalp at the growth patterns, then following on through the hairs length. This is never the same on anyone.

I believe hairdressing is more crafted and designed then ever before and we stylists all have unique talents in different areas of our art. The more experienced the Stylist the more direction they will be able to help you with in the consultation and the more confident they will be in what they can do for you.


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