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New leading hair-fashion direction

An exciting new hairstyle direction being lead by Mature age women

They say... (heck, I’ve even said it!) ‘History repeats itself’, and in the fashion world we have all seen this happen many times.

BUT something very new and super exciting has emerged in the past 4 years, it's a shift in hairstyle confidence and it is the envy of a surprising younger age group of women…

Leading Hair Fashion hairstyles are now driven by women in the age range from 50 plus!

Shocked are you???

I for one am totally fascinated by the new and ever building fashion trend that has never been seen before.

20, 30 & 40 year old women are looking up to the fashion direction being created by mature aged women.

The extraordinary confidence that comes from a women deciding to wear her hair in a style that complements who she is, has sparked some interesting attention from younger women who are feeling lost and overwhelmed in the world in which they have been surviving in. If I’m honest, my observations of this younger age of women have been a fear of - changing their style in case they don’t like it, not colouring or lightening their hair incase they damage it, scared that they might not be able to tie their hair up, or being judged by people they don’t know.

Over the 30 years I have been in the hairdressing profession, I have been asked many a time by my guests “what is the latest hair tend right now?” I have always felt I had to internally fight my natural hairstylist creativeness and reply with what hairstyles I have seen around or what I see happening at hair shows I’ve been to. For me this was a fake and fluffy answer that didn’t at all align with me as a creative stylist.

Now as I myself am approaching more mature years, I confidently channel the right questions my guests should be asking and that is “What is the best hair style for Me?”.

Helping my guest discover the best version of themselves at that time in their life is what I do best. Seeing and experiencing this new movement of hair fashion, which is all about embracing your own personal style, I feel, is the most exciting time in my hairdressing career.

Current & forward focused hairstyle fashion is lead by Mature age women who are either embracing their new white & silver hairs and or working with hairstyles that complement their hair, styling skills & lifestyle. The result explode into admirable confidence.

It is an exciting time to be in these mature years, and to anyone out there that feels this has not been the experience for them, I encourage you to look from a new angle. It is easy to repeat to yourself the same mantra that has been set by women before you, But if you just look around, you will see so many wonderful and inspiring styles that are breaking old tradition and becoming the new sought after image.

Confidence starts from the hair down’

by natalie varrasso


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