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My hairdresser secret to know if a product is out-of-date

After decades in hairdressing, I know what it’s like to have a cupboard full of product. Whether it’s from forgetting what you have so you end up buying another, items that didn’t work or simply a love of wanting to try something new and different, it’s easy to accumulate! But when was the last time you did a stocktake?

Why? You might ask... because you could be using products that have expired! Everything you purchase has a use-by date, which is usually displayed on the back, underneath the list of ingredients. On average, a product expires 6-12 months after it’s been opened; this timeframe is likely to be less if it’s natural or organic.

To easily know what’s still fresh, here’s my pro tip: when you open a product for the first time, write that day's date on it in permanent marker. Then when you're going through your products, anything without this on it gets binned… or rather, recycled!

As a stylist and healthy hair expert, I want my business to play its part in being environmentally-friendly. This is why I have chosen to join the Sustainable Salons Australia program. If you are in my local area, you can drop off your used and finished products to Retreat Hair so that I may recycle them on your behalf. SSA’s program ensures that everything is separated and goes on to be re-purposed through the correct process. To learn more about where these products end up, have a look here.

Of course one thing which is available in my store and never expires is a StayStyled satin pillowcase. And they barely take up any storage space either ;)

Happy tidying out!

Nat x


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