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Mind, body, soul... and hair

Hair, needless to say, is a part of our body, and like all things that change about our bodies, so too does hair.

For example:

- Our bodies age, and so does our hair.

- Our metabolism changes and so does the way our hair performs.

- If our diet is sluggish, so is our hair.

- If we are stressed, so is our hair, due to restricted blood flow in the body.

We have just been through a year of extreme anxiety and for some, this worry is still quite high.

Never before have there been so many apps, books and public figures talking about how we need to stop, reflect, be kind to ourselves and still the mind for a heathy body and wellbeing.

The number one thing related to this topic that women have been concerned about since 2020 is noticeable hair loss and hair thinning.

Three major reasons that can explain noticeable hair loss and or hair thinning due to current events are:

Lockdowns – being confined to the indoors results in less sun exposure, and less fresh air around our bodies and in our lungs.

Poor diets - an increase in alcohol for some and more sugar being consumed. Our gut health is not looking good and that reflects in every aspect of our health.

Fear – being scared of the unknown or the new normal and how to adjust to it, results in stress and anxiety within us.

As a hairstylist of 30 years and a person that is very invested in understanding the workings of the human body and how we age, I can confidently say that your best hair starts from within and the choices you make as to how well you nourish it.

External ways of nourishing your hair are to maintain good hydration and reduce heat exposure to the surface of the hair. This can be done using a thermal protective spray or by lessening the temperature and number of times the hair is styled with heat during a week, as well as sleeping on a satin pillowcase.

So, start small and simple and I promise you will start to see the changes. Even just these little habits here, performed weekly, can make a difference from today!

1. Before you jump out of bed in the morning, do 3 deep diaphragm breaths - basically this means taking a deep breath and allowing your whole tummy - not your chest - to rise up and expand with air.

2. Add an extra glass of water with a slice of lemon in it - first thing in the morning before your coffee is best.

3. Gentle scalp movements. Using the pads of your index and middle fingers, place them on your forehead hairline and gently move them around in a circular direction twice. Re-position and continue around the whole hairline of the face. This will take 30 seconds only so I suggest you repeat this 2 to 3 times (but if once is as much as you can start with then it will still bring benefits).

My personal recommendation for topical products that support what I have talked about in this blog are listed below and available from my online shop.

To hydrate the hair - Goldwell Kerasilk Reconstruct Regenerating Blow-wave Spray (click here to see it in action).

To maintain moisture and styling - StayStyled Satin Pillowcases, amazing protection for helping reduce the need to re-do your look then next day.


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