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How to prevent and treat split ends

How do you prevent and treat split ends?

The things to focus on are keeping your hair healthy by moisturising it and preventing heat and further damage by using thermal protective sprays and getting regular trims.


The below tips will help you to prevent split ends from starting, or to help you hold the ends that have split together to prevent further damage.

1. Trim your hair regularly : split ends tend to start from the end of your hair, so getting your hair trimmed regularly can help prevent further damage and help you maintain healthy hair.

2. Moisturise your hair : Moisturising your hair before you style it will help keep your hair hydrated and prevent the dryness that can lead to split ends

3. Use a product with thermal protection : Thermal protection helps to prevent further damage if you are using hair dryers or straighteneers

4. Use a split end treatment : These sort of treatments are usually applied only to the ends of the hair

What to look for in a hair moisturiser

- Our hair and skin are a similar PH level so if you want to test a moisturiser rub a little on your hands, you are looking for one that doesn't leave your skin feeling greazy or tacky

Product recommendations:

See my You Tube tutorial on this topic here:


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