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How to know when it's time for a style refresh

Time for a little quiz!

  1. Do I feel well-styled for the day and confident in my look?

  2. Am I managing the needs of my hair to get the best shape from it or does it only look great the day I walk out of the hair salon?

  3. Is my style working for me and how I want to show up in my day; is my style representing me and who I am?

  4. Am I always comparing my hairstyle to others and feeling that I am not looking or feeling my best?

  5. Does my hair feel flat and drawn down for the better part of a day?

  6. Am I trying to replicate a look that was ‘me’ 20 years ago?

If you answered negatively to one or more of these questions, I would suggest you book in a fresh consultation with your hairstylist. And if he/she doesn't cover these topics, it is best to start with finding a new hairstylist to give you a personalised consultation about your needs!

I offer this to everybody, be it my guests in the salon or online to women who need professional guidance. Knowing and understanding styles that work for you will in turn empower and motivate how you feel about yourself! The information I share in my consultations can be kept and used as a tool for optimum communication with any stylist or salon of your choosing. I help remove all the hope and anxiety out of what you are holding your breath wanting to receive, because it has been done.

Here's just a taster of my intuitive approach and what I am to uncover when helping a guest find her best style direction:

  • Is she wanting to draw attention from others or divert it?

  • Is she comfortable in her own skin or is she covering insecurities?

  • Is she in a hurry or has she got the time to invest in her styling?

  • Is she needing to present to the world as a leader, maybe in business, but also wants to have an off-duty side to her?

  • Does she have the ability and time it will take to style her hair in the way she might desire, or is a wash and wear really the goal?

Above is a collage of photos that all sell a different feeling. When you look at these images, are you drawn to a particular look? Do you see yourself in one of these images, or wish that it was the style you had? A lot of the time I find that when a guests brings in a picture to show me, it is not the hair in the photo that is desired - it is the vibe that my guest gets when looks at that image. That’s what I discover by working with the psychology behind hairdressing.

A woman has many distinct aspects to her personality, her story and her way of life, so when her hair complements the goal of what she wants and how she would like to feel, we have a style that works!


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