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How to know if your hairstylist is the right fit for you?

Do you want to know if your hairstylist is the right fit for you? In a nutshell, here's how: If you answer "NO" to three or more of the questions below, it may be time to consider finding a new hairstylist.

1, does your hairstylist suggest new styles or colour options that would complement your skin tone and profile? This is important because it shows that your stylist is knowledgeable and cares about enhancing your overall appearance.

2, does your hairstylist offer you a hair consultation every time you visit the salon? A consultation ensures that your stylist understands your specific hair needs and goals, so they can provide you with personalised recommendations and style directions.

3, does your hairstylist inquire about your home styling methods and offer advice on how to improve your hair care routine? A good stylist should be invested in the long-term health of your hair and provide you with tips on how to keep your locks looking their best between appointments.

4, does your hairstylist listen to your needs and hair goals and offer positive suggestions? This is a crucial element of a successful stylist-client relationship as it shows that your stylist values your input and is willing to work with you to achieve your desired look.

5, is your hairstylist punctual for your appointments and attentive throughout your entire salon visit? You want to feel valued and respected as a guest, and a stylist who is consistently late or distracted can be a red flag.

6, does your hairstylist prioritise the health of your hair, and explain ways you can strengthen your hair at home with proper styling techniques and cleansing? A knowledgeable stylist will provide you with the tools you need to maintain healthy hair even outside the salon.

7, do you leave your hair appointments feeling satisfied with your blow-dry finish, and find that it lasts longer than your at-home styling attempts? This is a good indicator that your stylist is skilled and able to provide you with long-lasting, professional results.

Lastly, are you relaxed and confident throughout your entire visit, knowing that you're in good hands and will be done within the promised time frame? Feeling comfortable and at ease during your salon visit is essential, and a stylist who can provide that experience is a keeper.

If you find that you're answering "NO" to most of the checklist above, it may be time to consider finding a new hairstylist who is better suited to your needs and preferences.

After spending more than 30 years in the hairdressing industry, I have come to understand the difficulty in finding the perfect hairstylist. Many people take up to two years from the initial thought of changing stylists before they actually make the leap and find someone new.

The decision-making process for someone considering finding a new stylist can take up to 2 years due to a variety of reasons. Firstly, there is often a strong emotional attachment to their current stylist, which makes it difficult to consider making a change. Additionally, the prospect of trying out a new stylist can be daunting and uncertain, causing some apprehension. Finally, there is the hope of achieving the desired style or outcome that has been longed for, which can add to the pressure of making the right choice.

It is important to recognise when it is time to find a new hairstylist, and if you haven't experienced the qualities you're looking for, it's probably time to start the search. While it may seem daunting to know where to begin, I can offer guidance through my book, LOVE YOUR HAIR. This comprehensive guide will not only help you find the best hairstyle but also the stylist and salon that best aligns with you.

My goal with LOVE YOUR HAIR is to empower women to discover their style direction with confidence. It covers everything from skin colour, bone structure, and profile to lifestyle and styling skills. You can access the book in paperback, ebook, or audible (narrated by me).

So, if you're ready to take the leap and find the right hairstylist for you, I encourage you to check out LOVE YOUR HAIR and explore all the exciting directions you can go with your hair.

Don't let fear hold you back any longer. It's time to feel confident and beautiful with the perfect hairstyle and stylist for you.

By Natalie Varrasso


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