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How to create lots of volume and body in your hair with Velcro rollers!

Tools Used:

Velcro rollers

Parlux 385 hairdryer

Pin curl clips


Separate your hair into sections and blow dry, as soon as you have finished each section and while the hair is still hot, roll that section up onto the roller.

If your rollers aren’t gripping, I recommend using pin curl clips to help secure the rollers in place. I suggest taking some hair from close to your scalp and attaching your pin curl clip to the roller and that section of hair. If you can, select hair that is also underneath the roller so that any of the marks the pin curls may leave won’t be visible.

Leave your hair in the Velcro rollers until I has had time to cool, and then gently take them out of the rollers.

I usually use a little bit of texturizing spray while styling my hair, I find that if I have taken the time to blow-dry my hair in sections like this and use the rollers I can get 3-4 days out of this hairstyle.


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