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How to Choose a Shampoo, Conditioner & Treatment

With all the products that are available how do you know what is going to be the best product for you?

Well, what if I told you that you do have the answers to what will suit you best! Intrigued are you?

I am going to give you some insightful knowledge that will also allow you the permission you need to decide what is going to be the best shampoo, conditioner and treatments for you and your hair.


Let me start by asking you some simple questions -

  1. Is your hair coloured

  2. Is your hair lightened more than 4 shades from your natural base level?

  3. Do you use ceramic heat tools for styling regularly?

  4. Do you have normal to fine hair?

  5. Do you wear your natural curl?

  6. Do you wash and wear with no heated styling?

  7. Are you only interested in Sulfate free or organic products?

These are the questions I ask and get to know from my guests because the answers tell me what kind of styling performance ( results ) my guests wants from her hair. Sometimes it is about Repair or Volume or Oily roots, but it is also largely about what results you want from your hair when it is dry and styled and not to forget to consider what products fit comfortably into your lifestyle beliefs as well.

Once you narrow it down it is also worth considering budget. As a professional hairstylist I have experienced hundreds of shampoos and conditioners in my time and Yes! I have also tried non professional brands as well. For style performance I would recommend a professional brand every time and I can assure you it does not have to break the bank either. Using a professional brand will generally mean you get more using less, and the research and formulas are well tested.

See the graph below to help you gat a better guide to choosing a range or category you best suit.

To see me talk you through the products mentioned in the graph I invite you to watch this 10min video explaining what would be the right shampoo and conditioner for you. I have a hunch that you might be inspired to learn that there is more then one range you will find suits you and your hair type.

To see video click on tab


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