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Heat hairstyling tips in Canada and US

Although I have previously travelled to places such as United States and Canada over the years, this year I decided to pay attention to the differences I noticed when it came to hair styling, including visiting some salons, and chatting about hairdressing in our own corners of the world. It was so much fun and I definitely made new friends in the industry!

You may have noticed yourself when travelling abroad that your hair behaved differently to what it does back home. Well, the top three reasons for this are:

- Water

- Voltage

- Climate

I left hot summery Melbourne and travelled to wintery Toronto in Canada. I have to say that for me the biggest difference I struggled with was not so much the water or the climate but the voltage. Here in Australia, we are use to 230 volts, but in Canada, it’s a top of 120 volts. This is a substantial difference and one with which I was frustrated!

In my videos and blogs, I talk a lot about being conscious at keeping temperature levels down when it comes to heat tools used for styling, however my experience in Canada is that the heat needs to be high enough for the hair to change shape – mostly due to the fact that there is low voltage and no powerful force of air blasting from the hair dryer.

I struggled to smooth and shape my hair using a hairdryer and round brush so I had to then switch to also using a curling or straightening iron as well. This meant I was using an excessive amount of heat on my hair! My only peace-of-mind was that I packed my StayStyled satin pillowcase with me and could therefore stretch out my styling days and give my hair a break from heat styling tools.

I have to say that I was surprised to notice that everyone around me seemed to have very healthy-looking hair, even though their hair had been styled with such high heat. What I came to learn is that serums, thick treatments and oil-based products are almost always used on people’s hair here in Canada. These products are big sellers in salons and also on every bathroom shelf. Back home in my salon I use very light and water-based products that hydrate the hair, but in my new environment this just didn’t cut it. So once again, I am convinced that purchasing your styling hair products from your destination will always be your best defence.

I have to admit that I was excited to return home and give my hair the Melbourne treatment I know and love - especially my hairdryer and all its power!


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