Embracing the Grey, White & Silver hair.

Since 2020 more and more women the world over have considered the idea of embracing and working with their white hairs like never before.

Having endured lockdowns and a regrowth size we would never before have left the house with, the shift in perception about how we see ourselves and work with our natural colour has undergone a huge pivot.

But How do you transition to a colour you have never in your life seen on yourself before?

And how does this improve style currency and not work against you?

When women are around the age of late 40’s or early 50’s, it is not uncommon to feel lost for what direction to go with a style that is right for you in the now.

The idea that the right a hairstyle is what will propel you into the next amazing stage of your life while you stay with the strong perception that covering your white hairs is not the issue.

I will agree that the haircut will make a significant difference but for many women, they may be surprised to know that simply spending the time to discuss with the stylist if in fact your hair colour is truly within your best alignment, can be the magic fairy dust you didn’t know existed.

  • What if you could reduce the severity of your obvious white hair regrowth amongst your remaining natural coloured hair?

  • What would it look like to start working with the colour patterns of your natural hair?

  • What if you could have the colour you always wanted while complementing it with your white hair patches that grow around your face or in odd spots and streaks on your head?

There are so many variants in the ways you can blend in your white hair and it is unique to each of us.

If you are at the very beginning of this idea to transitioning and are unsure if it is the right time or not to begin? I suggest you begin by first asking yourself these 2 questions;

1. Q. Does my regrowth bother me?

  • If your regrowth is what you accept as part of the up keep to the colour you most desire to have, then I suggest you are where you need to be right now.

  • If your regrowth of white hairs is starting to really pull you down and is creating frustration for you, then you are most likely ready to start a conversation with your stylist about what new directions are available to you.

2. Q. How often would I be happy to return to the salon for colour maintenance?

  • If you are able to maintain what is needed for your colour maintenance or you are maybe interested in possibly stretching it out a little, but mostly you are not unhappy with the care needed to keep your colour fresh, then I suggest you are in a great place with your style for the time being.

  • If you’re someone that would much prefer to only have to return to the salon every 3 to 4 months or possible only when you really want to polish off your hair colour due to a special event or a pick-me-up, then beginning a conversation about working your natural colour into your existing colour would be where I would go from here.

It is not to say that every women is suited to returning to her full natural hair colour, I’m not saying that at all. We are all attracted to and desire different things, but the idea that staying with the same colour we wore in our 20’s and 30’s and having to work harder to maintain that colour can be what is out of alignment with where you are now?

There is something for everyone, the skill is finding a stylist that can consult with you about a style that brings out the best for you and your hair while also aligning that with your lifestyle.

To put all of this into more perspective or even some inspiration that you didn’t know you needed I recommend you watch an interview I do with a special guest of mine.

Someone I have taken through the whole colour transition process.

Come on this interview journey through a women’s mid 30’s to her current age of 59…

I invite you to watch her stages of style & hear as she talks about her experience towards colour free hair.

In this interview I ask my guest, the questions You, yourself have very likely wondered about with the thought of embracing your white hair.

Just a taste of some of the thoughts and experiences you will hear are -

What were the hesitations about the idea of starting a transition and blending in the natural hair colour?

How was her experience of the process, transitioning to natural?

Did she share the decision to go natural with friends and family?

How she stayed motivated and not swayed from the process by reverting back to colouring her hair?

This is the first of more colour transition stories I will be bringing you, because I what you to see how amazing aligning yourself with the hairstyle that is best suited to you can be for empowering you with the confidence you can feel.

If you have any questions or would like to see befores & afters of women I have taken through a colour transition, you can find these on my Instagram page @retreat_hair or via my website www.retreathair.com.au

To experience a consultation that will guide you with questions you didn’t know to ask and style directions you may not have known were possible, I highly suggest you read the book LOVE YOUR HAIR Discover your best hairstyle, by Natalie Varrasso.

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