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Embrace Your Beautiful Cowlick: A Blessing in Disguise

When a new guest sits in my salon chair, and I spot a strong and beautiful cowlick at her hairline, I can't help but feel excited. Cowlicks bring a unique and captivating element to any hairstyle design, making them a joy to work with, in my opinion. However, I've noticed that not many women share this sentiment. For many, having a cowlick has been a lifelong struggle, constantly fighting against it to no avail. Today, I want to change that perspective and share some reasons why having a cowlick is a true blessing that you should embrace!

  • Built-in Height: With a cowlick, you have a natural and guaranteed built-in height to your hair, adding character and flair to your overall look.

  • Face-framing Textures: Styling your hair around a cowlick allows for textured and face-framing designs, ensuring that hair won't constantly fall into your eyes.

  • Utilising the Bend: The point at which the cowlick bends back can be creatively used to add even more height and shape to your hair.

  • Play with Parting: Experimenting with parting your hair on the opposite side of your cowlick lifts your hair and allows for a soft curtain fringe that beautifully frames your face.

  • White Hair Highlight: If you're lucky enough to have white hairs growing from your cowlick, consider enhancing and using it as your signature colour! This unique highlight can be a stunning and beautiful feature.

When your haircut is designed around your natural growth patterns, it becomes an empowering style. Embracing your hair's natural shape, rather than fighting against it, makes life more enjoyable, and you'll exude more confidence.

As we age, hair tends to become finer and lose its elasticity, which can lead to a perceived loss of volume on the top of our heads. If you feel your cowlick is also pulling back and flattening against your forehead, it may seem challenging to achieve a great look. But rest assured, that's not the case at all. Those blessed with a cowlick already have a fantastic height-lifting feature to work with, framing their face effortlessly. Now, it's about connecting the rest of your hair to create an aesthetically balanced and easy-to-style shape.

Don't be intimidated by your cowlick; instead, play around with different hair partings to see how it transforms your profile and appearance.

If you feel like your current style is dragging you down and your cowlick seems to dominate your reflection, it might be time for a re-shape. A haircut that celebrates your hair's natural movement and complements your features will work wonders for your overall confidence.

If you're uncertain where to begin or need guidance in finding your best style, I offer online hair consultations. No matter where you are in the world, my guidance is just a click away! Embrace your cowlick and discover some amazing hairstyles for you!

By Natalie Varrasso


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