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Dull to Divine

A Journey from Dull to Divine:

I love helping my salon guests get their hair back into a shiny healthy condition when it feels that all is dead and dull.

I am going to share one such story, and hope that that the results have you inspired to do the same!

My story begins with me introducing you to Jane:

Jane came in to see me in my salon and get my help to restore her hair back to a luscious healthy finish.

Jane has been trying to grow her hair and her daily routine is wearing her hair straight to remove natural Curl and Frizz.

I can tell you that Jane has naturally very course hair and it has permanent colour as well. Jane also tells me that she has had a permanent chemical straightening once or twice over the past 2 - 3 years.

Jane’s main concern is the look and the health of her hair. “It has lost its spring” jane says, and I explain that her hairs porosity( the hair's ability to absorb moisture ) has been compromised. Continually heating and treating her hair will also have had an effect on her hairs health.

The Salon Treatment Plan:

My salon service treatment plan for Jane today is as follows:

  • Touch up root colour where regrowth is visible and re fresh vibrancy of Copper Red tones where the hair is the most healthy and avoid taking permanent colour over weakened lengths as this would contribute to even more compromised porosity to the hair shaft.

  • A semi permanent colour will enhance and revitalise the tired existing copper/red and I will use Olaplex hair Treatment #1 during the colour process.!

  • Olaplex #2 hair treatment will be used at the end of the colour service to deposit and repair bonds in the hair and aid in its rebuilding.

  • Jane will benefit from having a hair cut today even though we have discussed that length is very important to her, my advice is that hair that is displaying healthy and rich will look longer and thicker then hair that exists for length alone.

  • A rich leave-in moisturiser will be used at the end of Jane’s cleansing

  • Styling products will be Goldwell Sleek serum spray to aid in the performance of the finished look as well as a Thermal heat protect Spray to keep hair protected on every section we style using heat.

After a thorough consultation with Jane and understanding that it is of great importance that we get her hair on the road to strong and healthy again, I have been able to recommend service that would meet her expectations.

I took my time to separate and section the hair so that the hair could be coloured without causing further damage or weakness. I recommended Salon Professional Olaplex #1&2 as an extra service to insure we are getting the maximum in bond protection and repair and I believe the results speak for themselves

When it came to styling and dressing the hair we look at what will be most suited for colour locking and protection as well as hydrating. I choose products that do all these things and finish off with a Thermal protection spray that will stop any excess heat breaking down the strength of her hair.

Due to the history and condition of Jane’s hair, I set my straightening irons at 150 degrees and still be sure to spray every section with Thermal protection spray.

Now for the closing phase of the consultation, Jane needs to understand that her ‘at home styling’ must be approached with her hairs health in mind.

It was great to see an amazing result after just one salon visit but I know that Jane can have even healthier hair then this and if she continues with the at home care then she can happily look forward to very little colour loss in-between visits as well as a dramatic reduction in her styling time at home due to the fact that hair will dry and style 50-70% faster if it is in good health.

In the long run, this approach will leave her with extra money in her pocket to use on hopefully home treatments and maybe the financial luxury of shouting herself a Salon Blow Wave once a fortnight because she is no longer needing the extra TLC services when she returns for her colour touchup’s.

The Take Home Treatment Plan:

To continue on from this divine new hair Jane will be leaving the salon with, I

am sending her off with this ‘Home Treatment Plan’.

Recommended :

  • Colour protecting Shampoo & Conditioner

  • Leave-in moisturising Cream

  • Olaplex #3 home Treatment

  • Thermal protection Spray

Additional Product Options:

  • StayStyled Satin Pillowcase

  • Styling Sleek Protect Spray

  • Anti humidity barrier Spray

  • Leave-in serum taming oil

And I am super excited to suggest to Jane that she watch my YouTube tutorial on ‘Correct

Cleansing' and other Tutorials I have done to help continue to style and protect her hair and

maintain it in its best possible form every day.


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