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Am I too old for long hair?

If you have asked yourself this question you have most likely been hoping for an answer in one of two directions…

1. You hope that you are told you're too old for long hair so the decision can just be made for you and you have an excuse to cut your hair. You’ll just have to deal with whether you like it or not later on.


2. You are after permission to keep your locks because short hair is not a length in which you see yourself feeling feminine and youthful.

But - I bet even if you got an answer one way or the other, you would still go on questioning if you were told the truth. I can already see you nodding your head now!

Let me be the first to tell you that there is no longer such a thing as ‘too old for long hair’. We have moved past the years when this was a thing. Women today do not look their age - we now know more about good skincare and keeping away from baking ourselves in the sun. For some women the opportunity to have beauty treatments has further turned back signs of ageing and allowed them to feel more confident. Enhancements or not, we are looking great for our age.

Having said all that, there is such a question as 'does this length suit me?' As we age, our hair will become thinner - this is a fact. But there are some women that are just born with a thick head of hair that seems to still have an abundance of density even in their 50s or 60s. For the rest of us this will differ. As a rule of thumb, thick hair looks great at a long length because of the fullness it presents. Thin hair looks better at a length (be it short or longer) that allows fullness to be achieved.

So, going back to my initial question: the length that you know you can confidently style well for a great look every day is going to most likely be the direction you should go.


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