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A Grey Hair Transition Journey

For some the journey towards embracing their natural colour begins simply by admiring someone else about their age, wearing their full natural silver, white or grey hair colour. The seed could be planted purely on feeling overwhelmed by the ongoing maintenance that comes from seeing white regrowth return so quickly or because you are feeling that the time has come, to find a colour that suits you better.

However it starts for you, this is exactly where a grey hair colour transition journey begins.

When I met Suzanne, she had a three week re-growth of white hair that she happened to mention was getting covered up again the following week, as a last tick off on the "to-do-list", before heading off on her holiday.

My acquaintance with Suzanne happened one day, when I was running some errands on the other side of town.

We were having a chat and I couldn’t help but admire her white regrowth.

She was not a client of mine, so it is quite shocking how bold I was to ask if she had ever thought of working with her natural white hair colour?

Her response was pretty dramatic. I might recall a colourful word thrown out there lol, before the conversation was shut down quick-smart, ahead of it having time to build momentum lol. I wasn't shocked by her reply, but it was funny to see how quickly she reacted.

This was definitely the beginning of the seed being planted in her mind, and it 100% did gain momentum. Before long, Suzanne decided to start doing some research of her own, to see how other women were wearing their natural colour.

When Suzanne mentioned working with her natural colour to friends and family, she was met with a mixture of positive and very negative comments. As she recalls, it was mostly negative.

Suzanne also did some research to find a hairdresser who understood the process and was able to give her more information about what to expect and how long this transition would take.

She visited many salons on her side of town and approached them about a grey hair transition colour service. No-one seemed positive or confident enough to get her pre existing hair colour, to blend with her natural colour.

And so this is how Suzanne ended up coming to see me for a grey hair colour transition.

I suggested we start with an online consultation, due to the extra distance she was from the salon. It also allowed more flexibility with finding a time between us that aligned. The consultation is an important step that allowed me to explain the process, what could be expected, how long it may take, and I was also able to answer any of Suzanne’s questions or concerns.

With Suzanne now feeling confident and excited, she decided that she was ready and on-board.

The journey doesn't end there. The process begins and the exciting journey follows on. I invite you to watch and listen to Suzanne talk about the rest of her journey from coloured hair to colour free hair, in an interview I did with her on a session of 'A Chat with Nat'.

The interview is called 'A Grey Hair Transition Journey'. Tap the link below and enjoy. This might be your beginning to a journey, discovering your own amazing alignment with your hair and your style.

By Natalie Varrasso


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