A game-changer: hair with intention!

The difference in your finished look when intention has been put into the process of your hairstyling is phenomenal.

Learning a new skill or technique takes time and can be extremely overwhelming. You cannot expect to be able to take in every step at once and pull off a talent that has been a life-long, practised routine like your hairdresser.

So, take a deep breath and rather than throwing product in your hair or rushing through a blow-wave and hoping for the best, perform the steps you do know, with purpose.

Every step in styling your hair contributes to the end result. Yes, every step! The first of three most important steps is the cleansing (or shampooing) of your hair. If your cleansing is not correct then this will 100% sabotage your end result. Secondly, conditioner, and lucky last, leave-in moisturiser. Each of these steps done right will set you up for a win with your end result.

Now, if you have the understanding of the techniques and application of the above steps, then moving onto what styling products to use for the desired shape you are aiming to achieve is next.

You need to think about what product will bring you the hold or shape you want. For instance: smooth, straight and no frizz; volume and soft wave; curls and definition; texture and support.

Each of the examples I just mentioned would require its own specific styling product that would allow you to create and achieve what you are aiming for in your finished look and support your style to last all day.

Once you have the products you need, next is the application of that particular product. Just as there is a product that best works to create each desired shape, there is also a way to properly use it so that your product will be able to do its job.

Now if you have hung around until this point you are doing very well! It takes time, even years, to perfect these skills so be kind to yourself. We still have one more section to go -are you ready?

So you have beautifully-washed, conditioned and moisturised hair, and have applied the appropriate products for your desired style. Now you need the right tools and technique to use them.

Ohh yes! We need to be prepared with how we intend to create the stye. Tools and how to use them have their own techniques. If your technique is off, then you need to know this… your styling product you just put in your hair will hold and support that bad technique - BOOM! 🤯

Yes indeed, your styling product will not fix your hair up if you are not able to style it. Instead, the result will be a finish that you do not want to see.

Alright, don’t freak out here and start thinking that your hairdresser has promised you something that is not true. After all, you just watched your hairdresser style your hair using the same products and you love the look you got, right?

The secret is also to match up your tools and techniques with products that can be managed through to the end. This is a real game-changer, there is not only one product that will work for you, so finding a product that you can use and manage including tools that you don't struggle using will be the key to re creating your hairstyle each morning.

If you would like help in getting these steps right for you, my online hair consultation package 'Products that work for your style' is the perfect way to start. Otherwise send me a DM or drop me a note on Instagram, if you would be keen to hear about how you can be empowered to own your hairstyling, starting today!

Nat x