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A game-changer: hair with intention!

The difference in your finished look when intention has been put into the process of your hairstyling is phenomenal. However, learning new skills and techniques takes time and can feel overwhelming. It's important to approach it with patience and focus, rather than rushing through the steps or relying solely on the magical promise of a product or ruching straight in to a blow dry.

Let’s dive into the key steps and techniques that will help you achieve your desired style with confidence.

Every step in styling your hair contributes to the end result. Yes, every step!

Step 1: The Cleansing Process

Properly cleansing your hair is the foundation for a successful hairstyling routine. If you don't get this step right, it can sabotage your end result. Take the time to choose the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type and focus on thoroughly cleansing your scalp and strands. This sets the stage for a beautiful end result.

Step 2: Conditioning and Moisturising

After cleansing, it's essential to condition and moisturise your hair. These steps add hydration, smoothness, and nourishment to your locks. Invest in a good quality conditioner and consider using a leave-in moisturiser to keep your hair healthy and vibrant. When done correctly, conditioning and moisturising prepare your hair for the styling process.

Step 3: Selecting the Right Styling Products

Now that your hair is properly cleansed and moisturised, it's time to choose the right styling products for your desired look. Whether you want smooth and straight hair, voluminous waves, defined curls, or textured styles, there are specific products that can help you achieve your desired shape and hold. Choose products that align with your style goals and hair type.

Step 4: Mastering Product Application

Applying your chosen styling products correctly is crucial for achieving the desired results. Each product has its own application technique, so take the time to learn how to apply them effectively. This ensures that your styling products can do their job in enhancing your hair and supporting your desired style.

Step 5: Tools and Techniques

Having the right tools and using them correctly is essential for creating your desired hairstyle. Match your tools, such as brushes, combs, or styling tools, with your chosen techniques. Proper technique ensures that your styling products and tools work harmoniously to create a beautiful finish.

Remember, mastering these skills takes time and practice. Be patient and kind to yourself as you navigate through the learning process. If you need guidance in getting these steps right for you, consider my online hair consultation package, "Your Product Edit." It's designed to help you choose the right products and techniques that align with your unique hair needs.

I also encourage you to explore the wide range of how-to hairstyling technique tutorials I have created to assist women with their at-home styling. You'll discover a wealth of valuable information, from learning the correct way to cleanse your hair to mastering the art of applying curly hair products, diffuser drying techniques, creating beach waves, achieving voluminous blowouts, and so much more. These tutorials are designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to achieve salon-worthy styles in the comfort of your own home. Click here to delve into a world of hairstyling inspiration and guidance.

If you're ready to take control of your hairstyling and want to learn more, feel free to send me a direct message or reach out to me on Instagram. I'm here to empower you to own your hairstyling journey starting today!

Natalie Varrasso x


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