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Why I created the StayStyled Satin Pillowcase!

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Natalie and I am the founder and product developer of the StayStyled Satin Pillowcase.

I am so deeply passionate about the StayStyled Satin Pillowcase and I don’t believe it would be possible to design a product so perfectly for the purpose of hair and skin without my love for hairdressing and my desire to help make life easier for us all.

I started out a career in hairdressing in 1992 and currently today still maintain a high level of talent in the Art of Hairdressing. I was exposed to hairdressing from a very young age because both my parents were hairdressers and had their own successful salons for as long as I can remember back into my childhood. I am the only one of my 3 siblings that entered into the family business and I have never looked back. I started hairdressing in the era of perms and natural curly hair in all its forms.

I specialise in styling hair to sit at its best in its natural shape. As a dedicated stylist I have always been active in the search for the best products I could work with and also recommend to my salon guests. The world of hairdressing and beauty has come so far at such a pace that we have seen hair and skin exposed to more heat and procedures than ever before.

I developed the StayStyled Satin Pillowcase because it made sense to. Let me explain; during the 1980’s in my pa

rents salons they always sold satin pillowcases or recommended that women use there satin night gowns to place over pillows to sleep on so to not disturb their freshly done perms or 'weekly sets'. Then as hairdressing evolved and straighteners were introduced, curls were OUT. And so the humble satin pillowcase slowly vanished. But we are evolving once again in the beauty industry and its now about embracing your natural best you in all your wonderfulness and glow as an individual. While for others it is being as creati

ve as they have the freedom to be and adopting the addition of hair extensions or pushing the boundaries of hair colouring to the max.

For all these reasons I needed to create a product that would gently care for our hair and skin that wouldn't just be another chemical we apply. I am in my element with where we are now in styling and beauty and I have worked hard over a long 7 year period developing and perfecting a product that I feel ticks all the boxes.

I continue as a stylist and product founder and developer of the StayStyled Satin Pillowcase and look forward to continuing to share my wonderful range with all of you.


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