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The StayStyled Satin Pillowcase comes in three colours: Satin Silver, Satin White and Satin Black


They fit a standard pillow size.

The StayStyled Satin Pillowcase is machine washable and fast drying StayStyled is available in two packaging options, boxed or unboxed but with sustainable wrapping


HOW TO USE: This is the best part ( I say delightly with a smile on my face )

Think about this…How familiar is that feeling you get when you are on your own, face to face with yourself in the mirror now hoping that you can remember how to use the wonderful products your stylist sent you home with to recreate the magnificent shape that was performed in the salon? Let me guess…panic sets in right? ​

By sleeping on a StayStyled Satin Pillowcase you will assist in prolonging the life of your salon style and push out the need to start from scratch. ​

Step 1. Open up your silky soft StayStyled Satin Pillowcase and allow yourself to feel great and get excited at the loveliness of your new product.

Step 2. Either slide your StayStyled Satin Pillowcase over your existing pillow cover or use it alone to cover your pillow.

Step 3. After you have prepped yourself for bed and applied any face night creams, simply lay your head on the soft silky surface and indulge in the best nights beauty sleep you have had in a long time. ​ Too easy right?

StayStyled Satin Pillowcase

  • Machine washable in cold water

    Line Dry

  • Australia Standard Size 46cm x 73cm

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