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A one-on-one email consultation with healthy hair expert, Natalie Varrasso. 


What to expect:

I will ask you a series of questions designed to enable me to give you a full diagnostics break down and provide you with a style manual to use. This arms you with the best consultation guide for any hair salon visit with your stylist.


You shall also receive tips and how-tos for styling your hair with your current look, including learning what your most photogenic side is.

Shapes and tones that work for your profile and lifestyle

  • 1.StayStyled Satin Pillowcase offer is valued at $90 and includes postage within Australia. For postage outside Australia shipping will be added as an extra cost.

    2.Consultation Packages are valid for 6 months from purchase date, no exceptions.

    3.Once the first email has been sent from you with photo’s and or questions answered, the consultation process must be completed within a time period of 3-14 days. If this doesn’t happen a fee of $50 will be added to amend consultation and re set for another 7 days.

    4.Information received in the purchased package is likely to differ after 12 months or more, it is recommended that a new consultation be done or reviewed after this time.

    5.Each package will consist of 3 reply emails from Natalie Varrasso covering 3 stages of the consultation. If it is deemed necessary to follow up on a forth email, that will be decided and assessed at Natalie Varrasso’s discretion.

    6.It is recommended that the consultation process be completed within a 3-7 day period. It is important to stay in the zone so that information is clear and transparent. keeping in a consistent and goal driven mindset will allow for the best out comes.

    7.Natalie Varrasso is a certified hairdresser of 28 years in the industry and also holds a barbering licence. Natalie’s dedication to continual training and learning has propelled her to be a specialist in the skills of consultation and the ability to help women understand their face shapes and dimensions so the best hairstyles can be designed for each individual. Natalie’s information and personalised diagnostics for you in your consultation package is a tool and guide you can use and keep to assist you in your salon visits and in your own home styling. It is suggested that you print off your consultations received or copy and store in a safe place. All consultation records will be deleted one month from completion.

    8.You are responsible for the careful reading of ingredients with product purchases and use of styling tools instructions. 9.All Consultations are purchased as tools and a guide to assist and help you achieve successful styling outcomes.

    10.Natalie Varrasso is not liable for - • Other stylists actions or services • The products or styling tools that you may purchase as a result of your consultation advise • The information given being used for anything other then hairdressing advice • Any other purchases made outside of the consultation package you purchased.

    11.The consultation process has effectively started once photo’s and or answers have been sent from the applicant.

    12.Refunds: Refunds can be given only if the consultation process has not started and purchase date is within the 6 month period. ( see paragraph 11. ) No Refunds after 6 months even if Package has not been used. 

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