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Wanderlust is a 50ml travel spray to keep you calm and grounded wherever you are.

This unique blend of Australian essential oils will help to reduce stress brought on by travel and relieve symptoms of jet lag, travel sickness and home sickness.

Natural antiseptic qualities in the essential oils will also act as a protection against airborne bugs.

Carry this little reminder of Australia in your pocket when you travel. Wanderlust is also great for family road trips.

It really is all about the journey.



Australian peppermint gum: assists breathing, colds and flu. Energising when mentally fatigued, calming, soothing and freshening

Australian sandalwood: grounding, soothing and calming

Australian lavender: harmony, calming, healing and inner peace

Australian balm mint: calming, refreshing and aids congestion

Mandarin: revitalising, refreshing and tranquillity

Nunchi Oil Spray - Wanderlust 50ml