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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my hair harder to style in my 40’s 50’s and 60’s?

Our hair changes over the years naturally, but with the added intro of colouring and lightening and heat exposure our hair weakens. Also, we start to grow many grey/silver or white hair which isa new texture we never had to manage in our teens and 20’s.

Can hair be renewed after years of styling and chemical treatments?

Yes, depending on how much repair the hair needs to mend, you can expect a 3-6 month time frame to amazing new rejuvenated hair. I recommend seeing a salon professional and having a hair diagnostics done to determine the treatment plan that best suits your hair, but you can always start with olaplex


Things you can include in your routine to help prevent hair damage:

  • If you colour your hair, make sure you use a compatible shampoo and conditioner

  • If you lighten your hair you’re more likely to need more moisturiser and hydration

  • If you’re straightening your hair, keep your styling tools at 170*Celsius or less

  • Change metal brushes to wooden with bore bristles

  • Put moisturiser in your hair!

  • Use a heat protection product

  • Try to wash you hair only 3 times a week

  • Swap to a satin scrunchie when possible

  • Use a hair mask or an olaplex treatment

  • Try to get your hair cut every 8 weeks or as needed

Why does my hair get oily more often when it is straight compared to when it is curly?

We tend to touch our hair more often when it’s straight and this spreads the natural oils in your hair really fast

Will cutting my toddlers curls mean they will never come back?

A lot of toddlers have curly hair because a baby’s hair is so fine and silky and hasn’t yet matured. This makes it easy for the hair to spiral into itself, but it doesn’t mean your toddler was necessarily going to have curly hair. If your toddler has a curl shape that is strong from the roots near the scalp then it is likely that your toddler will keep their curly hair and it will not be cut away.

Why is my blonde colour so brassy?

You’re hair may not have been lightened to a level that reduced enough pigment before being toned, or you may need a toner refresher if it has been more then 2-4 weeks depending on how much you shampoo you hair.

I am in my 50’s and experiencing an itchy scalp and flakiness that I have never had before, can you explain why?

This is very common around 50-60 years of age and is often due to stress and hormonal changes. It might be wise to seek medical advice if the skin seems broken or starts to bleed or spread.

What age do women start to go grey?

More commonly from 30+ but it can start as early as late teens or early 20’s

Why does my curly hair look different when I do it then when my stylist does?

Most commonly it is because you may not be using enough product, or you’re using too high a heat or possibly trying to dry your hair too quickly. I also find that clients often touch their hair too much, or trying to dry your hair too quickly with too high a heat.Most commonly it is because you may not be using enough product, or you’re using too high a heat or possibly trying to dry your hair too quickly. I also find that clients often touch their hair too much, or trying to dry your hair too quickly with too high a heat.

I want to straighten my hair but I don’t want to damage it, what do you recommend?

This is a complicated question, but I have included a summary below that may help, if you’re unsure, please send me a private message let me know more about your hair condition and I can help you with your individual hairtype

  • Coloured hair (straight or curly) 140°-150°

  • Lightened hair (straight or curly) 140°-150°

  • Natural hair (Never been cloured) 170°

  • Curly hair, virgin hair*- 170°-185°

  • Frizzy hair, virgin hair- 180°-200°

  • Keratin Treated hair 140°-160°

*virgin hair refers to hair that has never been chemically treated

Can my hair get used to the same shampoo and conditioner?

Yes, I believe so. The science of hair has come a long way and we can now select a shampoo & conditioner that is prescribed specifically for our hair type. Once our hair has absorbed what was required from the initial chosen shampoo & conditioner , it can be wise to reconsult with your stylist as to what your hairs condition has changed or improved to.

I have decided to embrace my grey hair, how do I transition into that?

Foiling hair colour in rather then painting it on as a solid tint is the best way to start. This way, you can allow 50% of your natural hair to exist in between the coloured sections of hair

Why does my hair look so fluffy and uneven when I blow dry my hair with a hairdryer and brush?


If you are like many people you may be attempting to start smoothing out your hair with out drying off to 80% dry before using a brush to start the smoothing out. secondly are you sectioning your hair too thick? it is best to blow dry sections that are no thicker then an inch deep so that the air can get through the hair evenly. and thirdly, you have to slow down and allow the air to slowly move along the hair for it to smooth out the surface correctly. I have a YouTube tutorial that shows these steps if you would like to see it step by step.

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